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The two RV Gypsies paid their respect to Veterans
at The Hardin County Veterans Tribute Memorial
1900 Ring Road East
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
September 28, 2015

USA bunting
Hardin County Veterans Tribute stone plaque from the City of Elizabethtown

The military men and women of The United States of America put their lives and their families' future in jeopardy everyday to protect and defend our nation. Our Civil Service workers stand behind our military in support of their efforts. The Hardin County Veterans Tribute honors the sacrifices and service of all United States Veterans from each of the five military branches, and to say thank you to the men and women of the civil service. The Tribute offers an opportunity for visitors to show their heartfelt support for all men and women, living and deceased, who have contributed their all for our country's well-being and for our personal freedoms.

The Hardin County Veterans Tribute Memorial

Located in the Nature Park along Ring Road, near Freeman Lake, the tribute features five life-sized bronze sculptures each representing a service member from one of the five armed forces.

A sixth sculpture of a woman symbolizing civil servants rests on a granite bench at the foot of the monument. Elizabethtown artist Rich Griendling is the designer and sculptor of the statues.

sculpture of a woman symbolizing civil servants sculpture of a woman symbolizing civil servants
POW/MIA tribute
USA bunting
U.S. Army seal
U.S. Army sculpture U.S. Army song
USA bunting
U.S. Navy sealU.S. Navy songanchor
U.S. Navy sculpture U.S. Navy sculpture
USA bunting
U.S. Marine Corp. sealU.S. Marine Corp. song
U.S. Marine Corp. sculpture U.S. Marine Corp. sculpture
USA bunting
Coast Guard sealU.S. Coast Guard song
U.S. Coast Guard  sculpture U.S. Coast Guard  sculpture
USA bunting
U.S. Air Force sealU.S. Air Force song
U.S. Air Force sculpture U.S. Air Force sculpture

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