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The two RV Gypsies went to Bonanza Falls
a.k.a. Greenwood Falls
in Silver City, Michigan
September 7, 2015

Located just down the road from the entrance to the Porcupine Mountains, Bonanza Falls is something of a hidden gem. Since it is technically outside of the park, it isn't included on much of their literature. It was a very short walk and an easy access to the falls. Nobody else was at the falls or in the parking lot while the two RV Gypsies were there.

Bonanza Falls was optimistically named for Austin Corser's discover of silver nearby in 1855. In 1908 the Greenwood Lumber Company established its main logging camp on this site and since then the falls have also been known as Greenwood Falls. (See the sign below for more details).

sign about Bonanza Falls

From the parking lot, there was a very short, but steep path down to the falls.

the short, steep path to Bonanza Falls

Lee Duquette liked the brown water of The Iron River.

Bonanza Falls Lee Duquette at Bonanza Falls

The way the slate rock comes up at an angle here makes for multiple water drops, and also provides a way to cross the river if water levels are low. The two RV Gypsies did not cross the river.

the slate rock at Bonanza Falls the slate rock at Bonanza Falls

The very happy two RV Gypsies.

The two RV Gypsies at Bonanza Falls The two RV Gypsies at Bonanza Falls
look below

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