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The two RV Gypsies took a short hike to Bond Falls in the
Western part of the U.P. on Bond Falls Road, east of Paulding MI.

September 4, 2015

Summary: It is said that this is the best single waterfall in the Western U.P, and the second best waterfall in Michigan. The two RV Gypsies know that if you are in the Western U.P., possibly on your way to or from the Porcupines, this is definitely worth a stop. Bond Falls waterfalls are part of the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, 3-1/2 miles east of Paulding, Michigan. Bond Falls drops into two sections and is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula.

Bond Falls Scenic Site sign sign: Bond Falls Park
sign: hazardous river Ontonagon River
a small fall a small fall
Ontonagon River Ontonagon River
Ontonagon River Ontonagon River

At first, the two RV Gypsies thought that this was Bond Falls, and were very disappointed. But then they realized that this was actually river run-off from the nearby dam, thus the siren warning sign shown below.

small fall warning sign - sirens may sound

The two RV Gypsies went back out to the main road and walked a bit up the street, then turned back into the woods and across a small bridge before they found the path to Bond Falls.

Lee Duquette on the path to Bond Falls

In a rush of white water, the first drop stretched down the river over flat sections of dark rock.

the first drop the first drop

The river widened slightly to about 80 feet and at the center it made an abrupt drop into a small pool, forcing the rest of the falling water to curve around it on both sides.

the falls curving over a flat area the falls curving over a flat area

Branches from the nearby trees bend toward the river as the fast flowing water passes. From here the river curved to the right and disappeared behind the trees.

Karen Duquette by the first drop

After walking down about 75 stairs, the two RV Gypsies noticed that the banks were lined with a cement abutment to minimize erosion by the strong flowing Ontonagon River.

sign: Caution, slippery steps Lee Duquette decending the stairs

The cement abutment ended at a viewing platform, which provided an exciting close-up view of the main section of Bond Falls.

close-up view of the main section of Bond Falls close-up view of the main section of Bond Falls
close-up view of the main section of Bond Falls

The main falls was breathtaking. The water falls 50 feet in a series of step-like drops. The crest of the waterfall is about 100-feet.

Bond Falls Bond Falls

The squared-off rocks are scattered haphazardly in many different layers, which causes the water to bounce off their flat tops in a complicated pattern of white streams.

Bond Falls Karen Duquette at Bond Falls
Karen Duquette at Bond Falls Bond Falls

When viewed from the front, a small grass and tree covered island divides the falls into two unequal sections.

Bond Falls Bond Falls
Bond Falls Bond Falls
Bond Falls

From the base, the water flowed past a scattering of huge rocks which have fallen from the cliff to form a large pool which circles out from the falls.

the water flows past a scattering of huge rocks

From there the river divides and continues through the forest. Excellent views of the falls come from the two wooden bridges, spanning each section of the stream.

Bond Falls Bond Falls

The Bond Falls may look familiar even if you have never been there because it has been used in many Michigan calendars and tourism promotions.

look below

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