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The two RV Gypsies went on a black bear tour
in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

July 14, 2015
phone '1.888.501.4845

sign on the door of the Land Rover

Almost immediately, Lee Duquette spotted a bear. The guide didn't even see it. The guide said that she calls the bear Charlie and he is frequently in this area.

Charlie the black bear

Charlie the black bear

Charlie the black bear

Charlie the black bear

Charlie the black bear

Charlie the black bear

The next stop was Alexander Falls, a waterfall on Madeley Creek, a tributary of Callaghan Creek in the Callaghan Valley area of the Sea to Sky Country of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. The falls are located just below a bridge on the access road to Callaghan Lake Provincial Park, at the head of the valley, which lies to the west of the resort town of Whistler.

The falls consist of three drops that total up to 141 feet in total. The falls are about 40 feet wide. The tour stopped in a parking lot, and the two RV Gypsies took photos from the overlook in the parking lot.

Alexander Falls Alexander Falls
Alexander Falls Alexander Falls
Alexander Falls

The 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, but part of them were also held here in Whistler. Peering through the woods, the two RV Gypsies got a glimpse of part of the equipment used at that time.

Olympic equipment Olympic equipment

A busy bee on a flower caught Karen Duquette's attention, and the tour guide stopped to let Karen take a few photos.

bee on a flower bee on a flower
bee on a flower bee on a flower

Below: Fireweed

Fireweed Fireweed

This tour took the two RV Gypsies through the Coast Mountain Range to rarely-seen wildlife scenic destinations in a rugged "air suspension" Land Rover designed to perform well in adverse conditions and allowed them to visit some of the most remote locations in the Whistler region. They hoped to see more black bears as they drove through this area but had to settle for just seeing "Charlie". No, the tour was not worth the money, because it was expensive, but it was enjoyable.

rugged backcountry rugged backcountry
rugged backcountry
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