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The two RV Gypsies (plus one)
in the city of Forks
in the state of Washington
June 25, 2015

USA map showing location of Washington statemap of Washington state showing location of Forks, WAseal for the City of Forks, WA

history clipart bookForks is a city in Clallam County, Washington. It is named after the forks in the nearby Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah, and Sol Duc rivers. nickname: Logging capital of the world.

For many years, the city's economy was fueled by the local timber industry. With recent declines in the industry, Forks has had to rely on the nearby Clallam Bay Corrections Center and Olympic Corrections Center as a source of jobs. Forks is a popular destination for sport fishers who fish for salmon and rainbow trout in nearby rivers. It is also supported by visitors to Olympic National Park.

It is the largest community in the contiguous United States with a true oceanic climate. Forks has no month with less than 1.6 inches of rain, and no month with an average temperature higher than 72 degrees F.

Forks was officially incorporated on August 28, 1945, following an election of the constituents who would become its first town members.

The city gained popularity for being a key setting in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. The city's moody atmosphere and idyllic Pacific Northwest setting has lead it to be the inspiration for many settings in film, literature, and video games.

welcome to Forks sign

Forks Washington visitor center

Forks Washington visitor center and museum

a pay phone in Forks

Below: A sign about rain in Forks

Rain measurement pole

sign about rain in Forks

rain indicator in Forks

A small bridge over a drainage for water runoff. Ilse thought it was a tiny picnic table.

A small bridge

loggers statue

Forks Loggers Memorial

Forks Loggers Memorial sign

plaque for Loggers

Forks Logger Memorial carving

in memory of loggers list

Below: A framed poster of the twilight movie in the window of Forks Visitor Center - which was closed when the two RV Gypsies were here. The city gained popularity for being a key setting in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.

twilight poster

Below: Cars from the movie twilight. Although in the movie, the Bella plate was on the other car.

Cars from the movie twilight

Cars from the movie twilight

Cars from the movie twilight

Cars from the movie twilight


a big hollow log

Looking through the above hollow log from both ends. Different angles of sunlight made it look different both in color and texture at each angle.



wood shack

View of the Forks Timber Museum sign. (Photos taken each both side of it.)

Forks Timber Museum sign

Forks Timber Museum sign

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