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The two RV Gypsies took a rest stop at
the Tom Mix Monument,
50 miles north of Tucson
on U.S Highway 89 to Florence, Arizona
May 16, 2015

Tom Mix Monument sign
The RV and toad of the two RV gypsies

Tom Mix was the greatest of the silent-era movie cowboys, and a cowboy in real-life as well. He reportedly could knock a button off of a shirt with a rifle shot, and jump off a horse into a railroad box car. He was married seven times to six different women.

Tom was 60 years old on October 11, 1940 and behind the wheel of a V8 convertible, not in a saddle, when he decided to race north across the Arizona desert to visit his son-in-law. No one knows how fast he was going when he saw the road repair crew, but some say that he was standing straight up on the brakes, trying to stop, when his car flew into the washed-out gully. Tom's aluminum suitcase was thrown out of the back seat and into the back of Tom's head (He was wearing his trademark 10-Gallon white Stetson at the time). Mix emerged apparently unscathed from the car -- which was not badly damaged -- took one step, and crumpled, dead of a broken neck.

The gully was renamed Tom Mix Wash as a makeshift memorial. Seven years later the Pinal County Historical Society erected a monument at the remote site. It's a mortared, cobblestone pile topped with a two-foot-tall black iron silhouette of a saddled but riderless horse, its head bowed. Soon thereafter, it was discovered that the statue of the horse had several bullet holes in it.

The monument was restored in 1990 when the horse, which had been stolen ten years earlier, was returned and had its first batch of bullet holes repaired. In the early 21st century a single, sheltered picnic bench was built just behind the monument, for those who want to eat lunch in the middle of a desert where Tom Mix died.

the Tom Mix Momument
the Tom Mix Momument
Tom Mix plaque
photo of Tom Mix
Legend of Toim Mix

Desert scenery around the Tom Mix Monument

Desert scenery around the Tom Mix Monument

Driving through the City of Saddlebrooke, Arizona

Saddlebrooke, Arizona road
Saddlebrooke, Arizona scenery

Then the two RV Gypsies drove to the Queen Valley RV Park, set up their home, and then they went to Lee's sister's house for dinner.

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May 16-18, 2015
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Benson, Arizona

Tom Mix Monument

Queen Valley RV Park

Lost Dutchman State Park

Tonto National Forest

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