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Lakeside Park Sculpture Garden
in St. Augustine, Florida
October 25, 2014
sign: welcome to Lakeside Park Sculpture Garden
Veterans Memorial sign
Veterans Memorial
Lake Anhinga sign
Karen Duquette at Lake Anhina
Lake Anhina Lake Anhina and a birdhouse
alligator sign
Lake Anhina

"Once Upon a Time On The River"
by Thomas Glover W. 2003

"Sport Fishing in Florida"
by Thomas Glover W. 2002

Once Upon a Time On The River sculpture
Sport Fishing in Florida sculpture

"Lorelei" by Thomas Glover W. 2004

The sculpture below wasn't titled

Lorelei  sculpture
sculpture not titled

"Espanolas" by Marianne Lerbs 2010

"Sinornis" by Gary TeBrugge 2004

Espanolas sculpture
Sinornis sculpture

"Smoke" by by Thomas Glover W. 2010

"Spirit of Timuqua"
by Deborah Oliveri 2008

Smoke Sculpture

Spirit of Timuqua  sculpture

"Thacker Bow Figures"
by Thomas Glover W. 2010

"American Beach"
by Thomas Glover W. 2009

Thacker Bow Figures  sculpture
American Beach sculpture

"Four Hurricanes" by Thomas Glover W. 2005
(two different views shown below)

Four Hurricanes sculpture view i
Four Hurricanes sculpture view 2

"All Nations Totem" by Harold Locke and Thomas Glover W. 2002
(three different views shown below - the sun made the last one look blue)

All Nations Totem sculpture view 1 All Nations Totem sculpture view 2
All Nations Totem sculpture view 3

"Flowering" by Alvin Felch 2007

"Curtain" by Thomas Glover W. 2011

Flowering sculpture
Curtain sculpture

"Swimming Fire Horses" by Marianne Lerbs 2009

Swimming Fire Horses by Marianne Lerbs 2009
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in St. Augustine, Florida
and surrounding areas
October 25, 2014
You may visit these 3 sections in any order you choose.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Fort Matanzas

St. Augustine Sculpture Garden at Lakeside Park (this page)

look below

AFTER you have seen the above three sections, enjoy a FLASHBACK to 2007 in St. Augustine(2 pages) when the two RV Gypsies' son,Brian Duquette joined them on their very first RV road tip to Castillo De San Marcos National Monument and Fort. A Link at the bottom of the second page will bring you back here, then you can continue on in 2014 with the link BELOW..


If you want to continue the 2014 trip, return to the main menu for Jacksonville, Mayo and other nearby Florida areas in 2014.