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sign: Killington Hay Festival
The two RV Gypsies went on a Haystack Scavenger Hunt
and tried to answer questions in a trivia contest
in Killington, Vermont
September 5, 2014

The 2014 Killington Hay Festival was a five-week celebration of autumn in Vermont and showcased a collection of 30 giant hay animals on display at businesses throughout the town, as well as a variety of daily activities and weekly events.

Lee Duquette hit a big hole in the road and their toad had to be towed back to the campground, so the two RV Gypsies only got to do a little bit of the Haystack Scavenger Hunt. How many of the below trivia questions can you answer? For some reason, not all of the trivia questions correspond to the haystack next to the sign.

trivia sign about black bears
bear haystack and Karen Duquette
crab haystack
crab trivia sign
poodle trivia sign
two dogs
Lee Duquette and the two dogs
Karen Duquette and the two dogs
goose trivia sign
goose haystack
moose haystak
trivia sign about moose
trivia sign about scents

The above trivia question sign was with the two-sided hay figure shown below. Each side of the haystack was different.

robot man haystack
penguin haystack

The two RV Gypsies were not sure what the Pink Panther trivia has to do with the haystack shown below, or what the haystack is supposed to be! Maybe it just wasn't finished yet.

three bundles of hay
Pink Panther trivia sign

The two RV Gypsies do not know why this trivia question is about Koala's when the haystack is clearly a pink pig!

koala trivia sign
pink pig haystack
porcupine trivia sign
porcupine haystack
porcupine haystack
Beatles song trivia sign
rabbit haystack
the back of the rabbit haystack

Below: Notice the two baby raccoons on top of mama raccoon.

Lee Duquette and the racoon haystack
racoon trivia sign
shark trivia sign
is this a shark or a monster haystack
two Ssaint Bernards as haystacks
Saint Bernards trivia sign
Karen Duquette and the two Saint Bernards

Below: The train haystack was not finished. The middle piece was missing its wheels and it was not painted yet.

Thomas the Tank trivia sign
train haystack

People were just working on the Blue Whale when the two RV Gypsies got there. The head of the whale will be a good distance away from it's tale which is shown below.

blue whale tail
whale trivia sign
look below
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