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map showing  location of New Jersey in the USA

The two RV Gypsies strolled on the
Wildwoods Boardwalk
in Wildwood, New Jersey
August 27, 2014

map of NJ showing location of Wildwood

Wildwood is a city in Cape May County, New Jersey. On January 1, 1912, Wildwood was incorporated as a city. A building boom began in the 1950s, due partially to the construction and completion of the Garden State Parkway in 1955.

Wildwoods sign
Wildwoods Convention Center

The world-famous Wildwoods Boardwalk is two miles long and holds 4 gigantic piers with breath-taking rides and amusements, hundreds of stores, games, restaurants and more.

Wildwoods Boardwalk sign
a curvy lamp post

laughing dudeLee Duquette made some new friends!

Lee Duquette makes a new friend
Lee Duquette makes a new friend

Getting Around: The Wildwoods Boardwalk Sightseer Tram Cars were originally built for the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York City. In 1949, Gilbert Ramagosa purchased five of the electric powered cars and put them into service on the Wildwoods Boardwalk. For fifty-six continuous years the Tram Cars have ferried tens of millions of visitors and locals alike along the Boardwalk. The Tram Cars can operate for up to 12 hours at a time on the power of a single 2,000 pound electric battery! Today, eight Tram Cars traverse the Boardwalk. A $3.00 fare provides seating one-way on the Tram Car and transports visitors to their desired destinations along the two-mile walk. The Tram Cars run a continuous loop from Cresse Avenue on the Wildwood/Wildwood Crest border to 16th Street in North Wildwood. Service begins each year, on a limited basis, Easter Weekend. As the season progresses and customer demand increases a 11:00 AM to approximately 1:00 AM schedule prevails. Tram service is available through mid-September weekdays and weekends.

Wacky duck
Lee watchs the birds

A 360 degree Panorama of Wildwoods Beach

A 360 degree Panorama of Wildwoods Beach
Wildwood Beach
Wildwood Beach

Below: A very unique sign for a bank in town.

A very unique sign for a bank in town.
Menu for the two RV Gypsies in New Jersey
August 25 - 27, 2014
PLUS flashbacks to 1984 and 1969:
Tiny Tim, Lucy the Margate Elephant and more.
You may visit these seven (7) sections in any order you choose.

Chestnut Lake RV Campground

The Boathouse Restaurant

Atlantic City Boardwalk - in 2014

Flashbacks to 1984 and 1969 on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Wildwoods Boardwalk (this page)

The Silver Bullet Jet Boat ride


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