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Fun in the Children's Garden
inside the Huntsville Botanical Gardens
July 22, 2014
sign: The Children's Garden

This two-acre garden is really eight different gardens in one: The Bamboo Garden, International Garden, Maze Garden, Storybook Garden, Rainbow Garden, Space Garden, Dinosaur Garden, and Half-Acre Wood Garden.

The two RV Gypsies and Ilse explored some of these sections, but not all, because it was a very hot day and they had already spent most of the day in the other sections of the gardens. And Ilse almost passed out from the heat at one point.

flower bed at the entrance to the Children's Garden
flower bed at the entrance to the Children's Garden

laughing clipart dudeIs Lee trying to blow on the rainbow?

Lee Duquette sees a rainbow
Is Lee trying to blow on the rainbow?
sign: Fog Rocks - rest every 5 minutes
Fog Grotto

Water Rocket - another chance for Karen Duquette to get cooled off with the water sprayed from the rocket.

Water Rocket
Water Rocket

A bigger rocket that shoots water into the air for a few minutes each hour.

Water Rocket
Water Rocket

Tug of war sculpture - photographed from both sides.

Tug of war monument
Tug of war monument
rainbow garden sign
rainbow garden

laughing dudeThe three bears and their flower beds

The three bears
flower beds
water fountain
frog spitting water
Karen Duquette's sister in amongst the sunflowers
a big butterfly
the two RV Gypsies in the Children's Garden
Menu for the two RV Gypsies at the Botanical Gardens
in Huntsville, Alabama
You may visit these eight (8) sections in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Elvis' birthplace below.

Alice in Wonderland theme

The Door Maze

Flowers and The Fern Garden

Butterfly Garden

Silly Fun


The Children's Garden (this page)

Garden Railway/ Garden of Hope

look below

go to the next adventure of the two RV GypsiesAFTER you have enjoyed all sections above, please continue on to Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi and more.