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The two RV Gypsies at Dunn's Falls
6890 Dunns Falls Road
Enterprise, Mississippi 39330
September 2, 2017

USA map showing location of MississippiMS map showing location of Dunn's Falls

Enterprise was so named "to denote the policy of their inhabitants". Enterprise is located in northwestern Clarke County. The Chickasawhay River is formed at Enterprise by the confluence of the Chunky River and Okatibbee Creek.

U.S. Route 11 passes through the west side of the town, leading north 17 miles to Meridian and south 39 miles to Laurel. Exit 134 on Interstate 59 is 2 miles west of town.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 2.4 square miles of which 0.0077 square miles or 0.27%, is water.

sign: Dunn's Falls

Nestled in the pristine hills along the Chunky River, in South Lauderdale County Mississippi lies Dunn's Falls Water park. Here along a shallow stretch of the Chunky River, the bluffs of the eastern bank rise to tree-top level. From this lofty perch, the flowing water of a stream provides a natural source of power for the working water wheel before making it's sixty to seventy foot decent to the river below.

sign: Dunn's Falls
shut up and fish sign

This park features a 65-foot water fall created in the mid 1850's by Irish immigrant John Dunn. The waterfall not only provides pristine beauty, but also provides the force needed to turn the iconic water wheel. The curious and nature lovers alike are drawn to this peaceful, idyllic spot. Swimming was not allowed in the pond.

the grist mill and pond

swimming not recommended sign

sign about Irish Immigrant John Dunn

The park also features an 1857 grist mill, moved from Cave Springs, Georgia in 1987 and reconstructed on the site of Dunn's original mill, as well as the rustic homestead fascinate history buffs.

inside the Grist Mill

sign: The Richardson and Carroll Mill

inside the Grist Mill

As the two RV Gypsies crossed over a small bridge, they looked down at the top of Dunn's Falls and the water wheel.

looking down from  the top of  Dunn's Falls

Below: Looking off the other side of the bridge, the two RV Gypsies saw the water control area with water heavily flowing through.

the start of Dunn's Falls

the start of Dunn's Falls

Lee Duquette started down the stairs towards Dunn's Falls

Lee Duquette on the stairs to the waterall

the water wheel

Lee Duquette on the stairs to the waterall

the stairs down to Dunn's Falls

Below: The two RV Gypsies looked back up at the backside of the Grist Mill from part way down the staircase.

looking back up at the grist mill

Dunns' Falls

Dunns' Falls and the water wheel

The two RV Gypsies, Karen and Lee Duquette, went to Dunn's Falls in Enterprise Mississippi because it was a very hot day. They had almost turned the car around because the first entrance they came to at Dunn's falls was blocked off. But luckily, Lee drove just a bit further down the road and came to another entrance.

Dunn's falls is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day so they got there just in time. Several people were walking in the shallow water under the first part of the falls, so Karen Duquette joined them. Because the other people were taking photographs of each other, Karen walked around the bottom of the waterfall and sat down to feel the waterfall cascade behind her. Then a piece of driftwood came tumbling towards her.

Karen Duquette at Dunns' Falls

Karen Duquette and a piece of driftwoood

The water was shallow at the bottom of the waterfall and as Karen Duquette walked in front of the big boulders shown in the below photos, there happened to be a deep spot just big enough for one of her legs to fit into. She felt a pain in one of her fingers on her left hand and it later swelled up a bit, and she could not bend the finger for several days. After icing the finger, the swelling went down, but the pain still stayed for several months. Not sure if she sprained it or what.

Dunns' Falls and the water wheel

Karen Duquette at Dunn's Falls

Below: The area where Karen Duquette was walking. The waterfall continued down into the river. Everybody stayed away from that area.

the second section of Dunn's Falls

the second section of Dunn's Falls

The Chunky River below: There were some people and a dog in the river.

The Chunky River

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