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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed the display,
"Around Town Carousels Abound'
in Meridian, MS
September 1, 2017

One attraction lies at the center of practically every amusement park and fairgrounds across the country - the carousel. Meridian proudly honored that American icon with a one-of-a-kind outdoor public art exhibit: "Around Town Carousels Abound". Paying homage to one of Meridian’s most popular attractions, the historic Dentzel Carousel in Highland Park, this colorful exhibit featured over 60 life-size carousel horse sculptures standing tall throughout Meridian and surrounding areas.

The two RV Gypsies only found 19 carousel horses before Lee decided it was time to head back to the RV. They did try to find the historic Dentzel Carousel in Highland Park, but could not. The Highland Park Dentzel Carousel is a National Historic Landmark. It is the world's only two-row stationary Dentzel menagerie in existence.

Below: "Fair Filly"
Artist: Jany Kynerd
Sponsorship: Luke and Kaye, P.A,

Below: "Lady"
Artist: Shannon Everett
Sponsorship: The Riley Foundation

Fair Filly Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse - Lady

Below: "Blue Chip" - a bit different on each side -
Artist: Bonnie Busby, Sponsorship: SBS Financial

Carousel Horse - Blue Chip

Carousel Horse - Blue Chip

Below: "Carriage Horse"
Artist: Beth Lewis
Sponsorship: Mr. & Mrs. I.C. Walker

Below: "Star Spangled Pony"
Artist: Debra Ruleau
Sponsorship: Citizens National Bank

Carousel Horse - Carriage Horse

Carousel Horse - Star Spangled Pony

Below: " Your Horseness of Queen City"
Artist: Peyton Hutchinson
Sponsorship: Long Wholesale


Carousel Horse - Your Horseness of Queen City

Below: "Ironhorse" and the words on its saddle
Artist: Jim Brashier
Sponsorship: Carousels Abound

Carousel Horse - Ironhorse

Ironhorse's saddle  America's Railroads

Below: "Horsepower"
Artist: Joey Horne
Sponsorship: Southern Cast Products

Horsepower plaque

Carousel Horse - Horsepower

Below: "Legacy"
Artist: Mona Haskins
Sponsorship: Wrangler Furniture

Carousel Horse - Legacy

Carousel Horse - Legacy

Carousel Horse - Legacy

Below: "Caretaker" The yellow stripe around the horse says "Expanding Patients for a Lifetime of Good Health" Artist: Bobby Carter
Sponsorship: Greater Meridian Health Clinic

Carousel Horse - Caretaker

Carousel Horse - Caretaker

Below: "C.C. Rider"
Artist: Jaime Purdy Jones
Sponsorship: St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Below: "Midas Mare"
Artist: Greg Cartmell
Sponsorship: Meyer & Rosenbaum Insurance

Carousel Horse - C.C. Rider

Carousel Horse - Midas Mare

Below: Each side of "I-Spy" was painted differently.
Artist: Gail Crawford
Sponsorship: Friends of the Library

Carousel Horse - I Spy

Carousel Horse - I Spy

Below: "Shimmering Jewels"
Artist: Millie Robinson
Sponsorship: D.T. Grinders Restaurant

Below: "Glass Menagerie"
Artist: Dana Sollie Casey
Sponsorship: Novus Glass Service

Carousel Horse - Shimmering Jewels

Carousel Horse - Winnie

Below: "Hand Me Down"
Artist: Residents of Hope Village
Sponsorship: Hope Village Thrift Store

Below: "Winnie"
Artist: Debbie Matthews
Sponsorship" Pam & Will Dalton

Carousel Horse - - Hand Me Down

Carousel Horse - Winnie

Below: This was at Bonita Lake and the two RV Gypsies were unable to identify it.

Carousel Horse near Bonita Lake

Below: Each side of the carousel horse shown below was painted slightly different, but the two RV Gypsies were unable to identify it.

Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse

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