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fall leaves

The two RV Gypsies
at Deerpark / New York City NW KOA
108 Guymard Turnpike
Cuddebackville, NY 12729
October 1, 2013

fall leaves

While driving the RV to New York, the two RV Gypsies saw a life-size pig on the porch of a restaurant and had to take a photo.

Karen Duquette and a life-size piggy

Crossing into New York State from Delaware, the welcome sign was on one side of the road and the "I Love NY" sign was on the other side of the road. As Lee drove the RV past these two sign, Karen just kept clicking the camera from one sign to another, back and forth, hoping to get one nice photo of each, and she succeeded.

welcome to New York Sign
I Love New York sign

Just before reaching the KOA campground, Karen quickly snapped this photo of a garage with a moose on it.

moose on a garage

Deerpark is a town in the western part of Orange County, New York. Cuddebackville is a hamlet in Deerpark.

Map showing location of Orange County in NY
map showing location of the campground

AWO at the KOA campground - AWO stands for "All We Own" because it is the ONLY home of the two RV Gypsies. This was just a one-night stopover for the two RV Gypsies.

the RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies at the KOA

Deerpark/New York City NW KOA in Cuddebackville, NY was just a one-night stopover for the two RV Gypsies. When they booked this campground, they did not realize that it was 15 miles off the highway, which meant 15 miles back to the highway in the morning. This is reason enough for the two RV Gypsies to remember NOT to book this campground again, even though it was a nice campground with nice workers.

The campground had secured Wi-Fi at sites, but it was very slow. The campground also had cable TV with lots of TV stations. And surprisingly, the swimming pool still had water in it even though it was after Labor Day. Most campgrounds close down their pools after Labor Day. (The two RV Gypsies assume that the pool is heated, although they did not attempt to use it.)

There were not a lot of RVs in the campground, given that it was a week-day and off season, so nobody was in the pool. Anyone under 21 must have an adult with them to use the pool. It appeared that there were a lot of amenities at this campground, so it could be a nice place in season for those who use amenities other than their site, which is the only thing the two RV Gypsies really care about.

There were three (3) wild roosters running around the KOA campground right by the RV of the two RV Gypsies.

wild roosters by the RV of the two RV Gypsies
a wild rooster
it's a beautiful day

The two RV Gypsies took a short walk in the campground and saw some nice fall colors by the river.

fall colors on the river by the KOA
fall colors on the river by the KOA
fall colors on the river by the KOA
fall colors

A path in the woods by the river took the two RV Gypsies up to the road and onto a bridge, so Karen took one quick photo of the river from each side of the bridge.

river view from the bridge by the KOA
river view from the bridge by the KOA
a colorful tree with fall colors

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