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The two RV Gypsies
ate at Mariners on the Hudson River
October 10, 2013

After walking both ways on the Poughkeepsie Bridge, the two RV Gypsies ate at the Mariners On The Hudson Restaurant. The two RV Gypsies saw this restaurant earlier when they were on the Walkway Over The Hudson - the Poughkeepsie Bridge.

Mariners Restaurant on the Hudson River sugb
Mariners Restaurant on the Hudson River

The two RV Gypsies thought that the outside patio would be a wonderful place to sit and eat, but it was only 50 degrees and very windy with light sprinkle, so they ate inside, and got a table by a window.

outside seating and the Poughkeepsie Bridge
outside seating and the Poughkeepsie Bridge

Below: From the dining table inside Mariners Restaurant, Karen Duquette attempted to photograph a train going by.

train passing by Mariners Restaurant

Lee Duquette had fish and chips: A big piece of fish that was delicious, but the outside was like a thick pastry, which he did not like and so he did not eat most of the crust. Karen Duquette hates it when the fish comes on top of the French Fries, but this was not her meal.

fish & chips

Karen Duquette had New England Clam Chowder and steamed clams - absolutely delicious.

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