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The two RV Gypsies took Karen Duquette's sister
to Cape Perpetua and Strawberry Hill
in Florence, Oregon
July 31,2013

The 2700-acre wonderland in the Siuslaw National Forest has awe-inspiring views, crashing surf, tide pools, old-growth forest, and 26 miles of interconnected looping trails. There is a visitor center with RV parking, exhibits, gifts and a theater. Cape Perpetua was once a 2,000+ acre source of fish and game for early Native Americans, home to European settlers, and a military outpost. Recreation pass required for all areas. (The two RV Gypsies have a senior pass to get in all National Parks, and that saves them a lot of money). This is the second time the two RV Gypsies have been to Cape Perpetua.
sign about Captain Cook Trail at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
sign about the Spouting Horn at Caper Perpetua
sign about the Spouting Horn at Caper Perpetua
sign about the Spouting Horn at Caper Perpetua

The inlet from the ocean to the Spouting Horn; which unfortunately was not spouting much today. The two RV Gypsies got to this area at low tide and it was not possible to hang around until high tide. That was a big disappointment, especially since they really wanted Karen's sister Ilse to see the Spouting Horn in all its glory like they did back in 2009.

The inlet from the ocean to the Spouting Horn
The inlet from the ocean to the Spouting Horn

Lee Duquette and Ilse went down the staircase to the inlet to see the Spouting Horn.

Lee and Ilse going down the staircase to the inlet
Lee and Ilse on the rocks

After the waves come into the inlet, they crash against these rocks, then go behind the rocks and shoot up into the air like a Spouting Horn. Today there was a little bit of action, but not much because it was not high tide.

the Spouting Horn
the Spouting Horn
the Spouting Horn not spouting

A brief walk on the Captain Cook Trail away from the Spouting Horn area, tides pulsed over craggy rocks and life in the tide pools had to adjust to new conditions. Plants and animals are pounded by the surf, submerged in saltwater, or exposed to drying sun and wind. It seems like a harsh place to live! Yet, the intertidal life zones are among the most biologically diverse areas in the world. These photos show mild action at low tide.

inlet from the Pacific Ocea
inlet from the Pacific Ocea
inlet from the Pacific Ocea
inlet from the Pacific Ocean

Below: Karen Duquette's sister Ilse Blahak photographed some flowers, plus the two RV Gypsies.

the two RV Gypsies at Cape Perpetua

Not far from Cape Perpetua is an area called Strawberry Hill.

Standing on this small cliff is a small island of rocks. Waves come in from the left side of the rocks and waves come in from the right side of the rocks simultaneously. The waves from the left meet with the waves from the right, and explodes into bubbling white froth and splashes upwards. After the froth combines in the middle, it separates, and goes back to the side of the cliff it came from. The wave and froth action repeats over and over again. At least this was the action that the two RV Gypsies saw in 2009 when they were here, BUT today the area was a dud because it was low tide, so Karen did not take many pictures, although it was still a beautiful area.

NOTE: Be sure to check out the AMAZING action and all of the FROTH in 2009 because Strawberry Hill was quite amazing then. There is a link at the bottom of that page to bring you back here.

Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill

If you would like to see pictures from 2009 when the Spouting Horn was in full action, plus photos of Strawberry Hill when there was milky white foam and forth popping everywhere, click here, but after seeing those pictures, be sure to return to this page by using the arrow in the upper left corner of your screen. After all this 2013 trip is far from over and there is a lot of excitement and fantastic photos ahead.

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