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Bigfoot Carvings at Bigfoot's Steakhouse
2427 S. Roosevelt Drive
Seaside, Oregon
phone '503.738.7009

USA map showing location of OregonOregon map showing loction of Seaside

The two RV Gypsies have seen several Bigfoot statues on their journeys, but four in one place is a special treat. These four Bigfoot statues hang out at a local eatery named Bigfoot's. Two are out front, flanking the parking lot, each carved from a dead tree by apparently different artists. The one shown below on the right is a standard stoop-shouldered half-human with an owl-like face, still attached to its stump. The shown below on the left seems newer, less weathered, more carefully carved. The two RV Gypsies noticed its large hands and unhappy expression.

Karen Duquette and the female Bigfot
a standard stoop-shouldered half-human with an owl-like face Bigfoot

The third Bigfoot (photo below) is by the doorway of the restaurant and is rather dull and weathered looking. The 4th Bigfoot stands indoors and is shown in a photo towards the bottom of this page.

a very weathered, tired looking Bigfoot

The above Bigfoot Statues were in front of a restaurant called Bigfoot's Steakhouse so the the two RV Gypsies stopped for Prime Rib. The Prime Rib was very good as were all the trimmings. Bigfoot's Steakhouse is located at 2427 S. Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, Oregon.

The sign for Bigfoot's Restaurant

Wood carving bench outside Bigfoot's Restaurant

Wood carving bench outside Bigfoot's Restaurant

A Devil Wolf chained to a pole outside of Bigfoot's Restaurant, plus a Gone Fishing Carving.

A Devil Wolf
Gone Fishing Carving

As stated above, the 4th Bigfoot was indoors. It was a tall, hairy, weather-protected creature that serves as a restaurant greeter and holds a chalkboard listing the daily specials, one of which, when the two RV Gypsies visited, was a "Yeti Burger."

The 4th Bigfoot

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