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The two RV Gypsies
at Spirits of Iron Sculpture Park
near Mt. Rainier National Park
July 18, 2013

The Recycled Spirits of Iron Sculpture Park is located along State Route 706 on the way to Mt. Rainier National Park, 3 miles east of Elbe, Washington. The two RV Gypsies highly recommend everyone stop at this sculpture park on their way to Mt. Rainier. (It closes in October for the winter.) This park has been featured in the Disney movie "America's Heart and Soul" and "Recycled Spirits of Iron" and on You Tube - sponsored by the Mt. Rainier Visitor Association.

Karen Duquette by a giant scary man sculpture
Lee Duquette by a giant old-fashioned bicycle
Karen Duquette is scared by this giant female monster sculpture
sculpture with sign asking for donations
dog and newspaper sculpture
another big scary monster sculpture

The fabulous metal horse sculpture below has its butt made out of horseshoes - see the close-up photo of the horseshoe butt in the photo to the right of the below horse. It is amazing the items used to make these fabulous sculptures. Dan Klennert surely is an amazing artist/sculptor with a great imagination.

close-up of horseshoes in the horse sculpture
a fantastic horse sculpture
a giant rocking horse sculpture
Lee Duquette by a big wheel
horse sculpture made of wood
horse sculpture with a saddle
horse sculpture with a saddle
metal sculpture of am old motor bike

Lee Duquette by a giant bird
sculpture with hatched eggs

Mount Rainier in the background
of the below photo.

Lee Duquette by a giant bird sculpture with hatched eggs
Mount Rainier is in the background of this photo
horse made of wood
a broken down motor bike sculpture
Lee Duquette by a giant giraffe sculpture
bird with a fish sculpture
a giant spider sculpture
a giant bird sculpture
a train sculpture

Ex-nihilo (X-Ne-High-Low) Latin for "Something made out of nothing"

a man sculpture
seahorse sculpture
metal sculpture
horse's head made of horseshoes
a giant rabbit sculpture
Lee Duquette and a giant rabbit sculpture

Walking beside the work shed, the two RV Gypsies saw a small RV - and just look what was in the window of that RV. What a great sense of humor!

a deer sculpture made of wood
cat in an RV window saying the dog did it

A peek inside the work shed

A peek inside the work shed
a horse in the wood shed

The two RV Gypsies walked into the backyard and found lots more interesting sculptures.

sign Recycled Spirts of Iron by Dan Klennert
gate to the back yard work area

A 4-piece band

4-piece band
4-piece band
guitar playing band member
another band member sculpture
tuba player sculpture
horn player sculpture

Below: The R- Rated section

sign: The R-Rated section
man in the The R-Rated section
woman in the The R-Rated section
man and woman in the The R-Rated section
metal train sculpture
fish made of wood
side view of the train
Lee Duquette and an elk
giant bicycle sculpture
iron sculpture
horse and baby
horse and baby
big face
big face

Inside the gift shop

Inside the gift shop
bird Inside the gift shop
face Inside the gift shop
about Dan Klennert

The talented, imaginative artist, Dan Klennert, and his gal were sitting on the porch outside the gift shop. The two RV Gypsies stopped to talk to him and learned that he has been doing this creative work for 41 years. He was intelligent, friendly, and fun to talk with. Read the photo above for more details about this amazing artist. And remember to stop here, browse, and shop!

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