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The two RV Gypsies drove their RV through Libby, Montana
but were unable to park their big RV and enjoy the city
so Karen took some photographs out the window of their moving RV
July 9, 2013

USA map showing location of Montanamap of Montana showing location of LibbyLibby Mt the city of Eagles

Libby is a city in Montana. Libby's economy has largely been supported by the use of natural resources, such as logging and mining. Tourism is playing an increasing role in the local economy. 17 miles upstream from Libby is the site of the Libby Dam, one of the Columbia River Treaty Dams, finished in 1975. Libby is best known as the "City of Eagles". Several eagle sculptures can be found all around town, including a 60 foot eagle on the edge of town.

Eagle in Libby Montana
Eagle in Libby Montana

The Eagles of Libby are iron and steel eagle sculptures of various sizes ranging from a 6-foot wing span to several over 25 feet wing tip to wing tip. A while back, the local art teacher started making these beautiful sculptures. The town purchased them and began displaying them all over town. It didn't hurt that the mayor at the time was the teacher's brother. Shortly after the sculptures began, Libby became "The City of Eagles". above quote from

Eagle in Libby Montana

Below: Eagles aren't the only things high in the sky in Libby, Montana

car flying high in Libby Montana
Ace Hardware truck

A fancy painted airstream RV in front of an RV park in Libby

Leaving the city of Libby, Karen Duquette took a few photos out the window of her moving RV because the scenery was so beautiful.

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July 7-8, 2013

You may visit these five (5) sites in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Idaho waterfalls below.

Wild River Adventures -
white water rafting in rain, thunder, lightning, and HAIL

Kootenai Falls and
a swinging bridge

Oddities outside
Glacier National Park

Mountain Meadow RV Park

Libby "The City of Eagles"

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