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The two RV Gypsies visited
St. Victor's Petroglyphs Historic Park
July 4, 2013

St. Victor's Petroglyphs Historic Park sign

St. Victor's Petroglyphs  Provincial Park sign

Karen aimed her camera into the side-view mirror to try and show the very large cloud of dust forming behind their truck because of driving on the dirt road.

dirt road leading to St. Victor's Petroglyphs Historic Park

a look back at the dusty rooster tail

Below is a sign about the Petroglyphs and a rock with examples of Petroglyphs (not real).

petroglyph sign

petroglyph samples on a rock


babies-breath flowers

The St. Victor Petroglyphs are one of Saskatchewan's mysteries. No one knows exactly who carved them, why they were carved or even when they were carved. All that is certain is that they provide clues to the people who lived on Saskatchewan's plains hundreds of years ago at a time predating any of our written records.

For preservation and public safety, access to the glyphs is restricted. However, there is a lookout point where visitors are able to look down on the glyphs. The best time to view the glyphs is on a clear day in the early morning or towards sunset when the shallow grooves cast shadows which define and outline the shapes. An interpretive panel and a reproduction of selected glyphs are also available, near the picnic area and washrooms. Admission to the site is free. This site is a Museums Association of Saskatchewan member.



sandstone rocks


Although the two RV Gypsies have seen many Petroglyphs before, they took a short hike to see the Petroglyphs located here.

sandstone rocks and trees

sandstone rocks and trees

The two RV Gypsies came to a fence and tried to see the Petroglyphs that are said to be in these rocks, but even zooming in on them, they just could not make them out.

where the petroglyphs are that can't be seen

where the petroglyphs are that can't be seen

The two RV Gypsies have seen lots of Petroglyphs at other places, and they wished they could have seen the Petroglyphs here was well. But they did enjoy the site anyway, as everything is a learning experience.

where the petroglyphs are that can't be seen

where the petroglyphs are that can't be seen

IMPORTANTOn October 6, 2013, the two RV Gypsies received an e-mail about comments made on this page, and so this paragraph is being added to clarify a few things. First of all, the two RV Gypsies do NOT want to discourage anyone from coming to see these Petroglyphs. It is definitely a site worth seeing. Therefore, the e-mail the two RV Gypsies received is being added here so that all who visit the Petroglyphs can enjoy the site in the fullest:

"It was too bad that you missed seeing the Petroglyphs as they are on the flat upper surface, not where your photos are suggesting. If you had gone to the upper level and looked at the flat surface, I am very sure you have seen some of the 340 carvings that are there. The problem with this site is that most of the carvings are not visible during mid day as they require the sun to case a shadow across the surface of the rock before we are able to see them. Thanks for visiting the site - Friend of the St. Victor Petroglyphs"

The two RV Gypsies appreciate the above comments and hope that they help future visitors to see and enjoy the Petroglyphs. The two RV Gypsies welcome comments about their website, and yes, even corrections if needed.

Once again, Karen aimed her camera into the side-view mirror to try and show the very large cloud of dust forming behind their truck because of driving on the dirt road. The photo really doesn't show the cloud of dust very well because in reality, dust was swirling all over behind them, kind of like a rooster tail.

dusty rooster tail

dusty rooster tail

Back on the main road, a truck with very wide equipment was coming at the two RV Gypsies.


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in Saskatchewan, Canada
July 3 - 4, 2013

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St. Victor's Petroglyphs

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