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driving in the fog

The two RV Gypsies drove from
Wawa, Ontario, Canada to
Rainbow Falls Provincial Park
in Terrace Bay,
Ontario, Canada
on a very foggy day
June 24, 2013

The two RV Gypsies parked their RV at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. This is a wooded campground and there were a lot of mosquitos. There was absolutely no TV, and no Wi-Fi. No water hook-up. No sewer hook-up. Yet it was still $38 a night. On the plus side, there were no trains and no road noise. The park had a boat launch area and swimming access at Whitesand Lake. Check-out time was 2 P.M. Many of the employees were students hired under the Sumer Experience Program.

The best part about this park was that Rainbow Falls is located within the park. Rainbow Falls is a short trail on a nice wooden boardwalk, however there were 179 stairs each way - that makes 356 stairs round trip. So scroll down, and check out the Rainbow Falls and the trail that is within the Provincial Park. Remember to be always be careful when you hike. You and only you are responsible for your own safety.

The start of the Rainbow Trail
sign about the rainbow falls trail

There were three (3) trails to explore within the park, as well as a segment of the larger Voyageur Hiking Trail.

Rainbow Falls Trail - the one the two RV Gypsies took: This is a self-guided 1-1/2-mile trail which followed the Whitesand River before crossing the falls. The first part of the trail had a long wooden walk with stairs that led down to the falls. There were several places to hop off and get closer views of the rushing water. At the bridge, the trail led up into the sloping hillsides to a set of overlooks with marvelous views of Whitesand Lake as well as Lake Superior and its many islands. These are the photos that can be seen below.

FYI: Those wishing to continue on (not the two RV Gypsies though) should see signs for the Casque-Isles section of the Voyageur Hiking Trail. This is a 30-mile stretch of trail that winds along the shores of Superior from Terrace Bay to Rossport.

Back 40 Trail: Rated as the most challenging of the park's trails, the Back 40 is a 1-1/2-mile climb that reveals grand vistas of the two lakes and surrounding country.

Superior Trail: The Superior Trail begins with a series of high, rocky steps that terminate on a flat slab of Canadian Shield to terrific views of Lake Superior and the surrounding hills. The trail winds over a very rocky stretch before funneling into a spruce forest.

Now back to the two RV Gypsies on the Rainbow Falls Trail - Lee is seen below, going backwards down a few of those stairs mentioned above. He just finds it easier on his knees to walk down the stairs backwards. Hey, whatever works!

Lee Duquette on the staircase to Rainbow Falls
the staircase to Rainbow Fall

As mentioned above, along the way there were designated openings where the cascading water was seen by the two RV Gypsies via an easy walk off to the side of the boardwalk for some photographs, Benches were also provided at that point for those in need of a rest, as you can see in the photo below right. Just look at the natural beauty in these photos at Rainbow Falls. No, the two RV Gypsies did not see any rainbows here on this date.

Lee Duquette with his first view of Rainbow Falls
Lee Duquette takes a beautiful photo of Rainbow Falls
rainbow falls
beauty at Rainbow Falls

Below: Karen Duquette took a picture of Lee as he took the picture shown on the right below.

Lee Duquette taking a photo of Rainbow Falls
the streaming water at Rainbow Falls

Below: Karen Duquette took a picture of Lee again as he took the picture shown on the left below.

the turbulant water of Rainbow Falls
Lee Duquette at Rainbow Falls
sign about Rainbow Falls
flowing water at Rainbow Falls

Karen Duquette took a break to enjoy the water flowing past her. The river and falls have been shaped by the cracks of the bedrock below. The erratic jointing has caused the river to run over a number of ledges and drop in a series of cascades rather than one large fall.

the cascading water of Rainbow Falls
Karen Duquette relaxes at Rainbow Falls

Karen Duquette took a few steps to the side of the boardwalk for a look through the trees at the cascading water.

Rainbow Falls
Karen Duquette relaxes at Rainbow Falls
Lee Duquette at Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

The two RV Gypsies arrived on the bridge and got a great view of Rainbow Falls.

Lee Duquette on the boardwalk at Rainbow Falls

Below: A view from each side of the bridge

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Karen Duquette on the bridge with the waterfall behind her, and a shot taken through the slots on the bridge.

Karen Duquette at Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Below is a zoomed-in shot of Rainbow Falls as seen from the bridge

Rainbow Falls

The two RV Gypsies crossed over the bridge and walked a few feet to get a look back towards the bridge and the cascading waters plunging over the rock ledges of Rainbow Falls on their way to Lake Superior.

Lee Duquette at Rainbow Falls
Karen Duquette at Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

And then a final look as the water quickly flowed away from the bridge.

Rainbow Falls

Back at the campground itself, the two RV Gypsies took a ride to the boat launch area, and saw lots of yellow butterflies.

the boat launch area
lots of yellow butterflies
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June 24, 2013

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