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Welcome to Silver Falls sign

The two RV Gypsies at Silver Falls
in Ontario, Canada
June 23, 2013

The Voyageur Hiking Trail (aka Magpie Trail) runs south from Wawa past the impressive Magpie High Falls and then to Silver Falls near the village of Michipicoten River. Silver Falls can be reached by road by going north through the village of Michipicoten River. Silver Falls is actually a series of 3 falls; only the middle falls can be seen from the road. Parking at the Silver Falls bridge and hiking up to Magpie High Falls and back would be an easy day hike (2-3 hours).

Silver Falls
Silver Falls
Silver Falls
Silver Falls
Silver Falls
Magpie River
Magpie River and trees

Important Things to Know Before You Go Waterfalling

- Don't Go Alone: Remember to bring a buddy with you, as you are in the wilderness and situations can happen.

- Pack Light but Smart: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray and a means of communication (cell phone, and in very remote areas a satellite phone). The heaviest thing in your backpack should be your food and water.

- Sturdy Footwear: Footwear designed for hiking is best.

- Be Nice to Yourself: Know your abilities and do not overextend yourself. Choose a hike that is best suited to the hiker that you are, not the hiker you think you should be. You are responsible for yourself.

- Stay on the trail.

The inclusions of waterfalls on this website does not mean that hiking to waterfalls is safe. It is up to you to be careful and to be responsible for your own safety.

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in Wawa, Ontario, Canada
June 23, 2013

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Alona Bay

Wawa RV Resort

Wawa, the Wawa Goose, Gitchee Goomee poles, and more

Magpie Scenic High Falls

Silver Falls

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