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The two RV Gypsies in Frankenmuth, Michigan
June 11, 2013

Page 1 of 3 - the town

Map of Michigan showing location of FrankenmuthThe Cheese Haus Mouse

Frankenmuth is a city in Saginaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, which bills itself as "The World's Largest Christmas Store", is located in Frankenmuth (Bronner's is page 3 on this website and can be reached through the link at the bottom of this page).

The most popular nickname is "Muth", but the city is also nicknamed "Little Bavaria". The city's name is a combination of two words. "Franken" represents the Province of Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria, home of the Franks, where the original settlers were from. The German word "Muth" means courage; thus, the name Frankenmuth means "Courage of the Franconians."

history book The area was settled and named in 1845 by conservative Lutheran immigrants from Franconia (now part of Bavaria) in Germany. The group of settlers left Germany on April 20, 1845 and arrived at Castle Garden seven weeks later. They traveled via canals and the Great Lakes from New York to Detroit and arrived in August 1845. Sailing on the Nelson Smith, the settlers made their way to Saginaw and travelled over land to the present location the city of Frankenmuth. Originally part of Bridgeport Township and later Frankenmuth Township, Frankenmuth became a village in 1904 and finally a city on October 1, 1959.

The nearby villages of Frankenlust, Frankentrost, and Frankenhilf illustrate that the area remained a magnet for other Germans from the same region even after it lost its original purpose as a mission post for the spread of Christianity to the Chippewa tribe.

Above quote From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sister Cities Flag - Germany

Karen Duquette's cousin Cyndi and her son Chris at the German Settlers sign

the German Settlers sign

Below: Bavarian Chicken Rivalry: There are two rival all-you-can-eat Bavarian fried chicken restaurants, located on opposite sides of the street. Zehnder's and the Bavarian Inn are owned by cousins who have a clear hatred for each other. Each restaurant can seat over 1000 people simultaneously. The restaurants are basically identical but each has their own local Bavarian-style beer, local girls as waitresses in Bavarian costumes, and of course the all-you-can-eat fried chicken menus.

Karen, Lee, Bruce, Cyndi, and Chris ate at Zehnder's. Everyone liked their dinner, except Karen, because her chicken was overcooked, dry and tough.

Zender's Famous Chicken Dinner restaurant
Zender's Famous Chicken Dinner restaurant
Karen Duquette and the big chicken
 the big chicken
The two RV Gypsies and their cousins
Lee Duquette the rooster

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant
sign: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn
the other Famous Chicken Dinner restaurant
sign: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn

laughing dude clipartThe two RV Gypsies became German, and so did Cyndi and Bruce.......

The two RV Gypsies become German
Karen Duquette's  cousin
sign: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn
sign: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn's window
Zak's Bavarian fudge
taffy being made

Outside of Zak's there was a pot of real flowers and a telescope - A Flower Bowl Kaleidoscope.

Outside of Zak's
pot of real flowers and a telescope

A Flower Bowl Kaleidoscope - The two RV Gypsies looked into the telescope at the flowers and were amazed.

The two RV Gypsies look into the telescope
Lee Duquette looks into the telescope

The photos below show the flowers as seen through the telescope. The two RV Gypsies watched the flowers spin in the pot and then they saw the flowers twirl around in kaleidoscope fashion. Karen took a movie of that and the movie can be seen from the TOC button above.

flowers as seen through the telescope
flowers as seen through the telescope
flowers as seen through the telescope

Fudge being made in Zak's kitchen

Fudge being made in Zak's kitchen
Fudge being made in Zak's kitchen

Lee Duquette tasted
a sample of the fudge.

Herman the German
serving fudge at Zak's

Lee Duquette tastes a sample of the fudge
Herman the German serving fudge at Zak's

Below: Karen Duquette wanted the entire tray of fudge. Herman said "no way, girl"

Karen Duquette and Herman the German
 Herman the German

Karen Duquette got friendly with Herman to try and get the tray, but still no luck.

Lee Duquette gave the Italian sign
for Ummmm Good!

Karen Duquette and Herman the German
Lee gives the Italian sign for Ummmm Good

Lee Duquette thought this was the right size
piece of fudge for him.

Mural on the outside of the building

big fudge
fudge mural
Frankenmuth city
Frankenmuth  coffee house
butterly sculpture in Frankenmuth
butterly sculpture in Frankenmuth

laughing dude clipartKaren and Cyndi play act as Little Bo Peep

Karen Duquette as Little Bo Peep
Cindy as Little Bo Peep
goat statue
Karen Duquette and her cousin Cindy

The two RV Gypsies thought this was a gorgeous building, until they realized it was an insurance building. Oh well!

Rummel Platz
Rummel Platz
Willkommen driveway
Willkommen flag
Frankenmuth restaurant and brewery

Willi's Sausage: More Variety Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Willi's sausage shop
Willi's sausage shop

Look at the time..... No, look at the CLOCK!

Frankenmuth museum
Frankenmuth museum clock
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth, Michigan
sausage grinder and Bruce
sausage Grinder and Karen Duquette
sweater store-Woolen Mill
sweater store-Woolen Mill
store at Frankenmuth
a neatly shaped tree in Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth's famous Cheese Haus
- probably every kind of cheese you can imagine is sold here.

Frankenmuths Cheese Haus
Frankenmuths Cheese Haus
Karen Duquette and her cousins at the Cheese House
big flags and Lee Duquette
Frankenmuth Fudge kitchen
murls at Frankenmuth Fudge kitchen

The Visitor Center in Frankenmuth

The Visitor Center in Frankenmuth
murals at The Visitor Center in Frankenmuth

The Visitor Center Fountain

Cindy at the fountain at The Visitor Center in Frankenmuth
Karen Duquette and the fountain at The Visitor Center in Frankenmuth

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