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The two RV Gypsies took a day trip to
Old Town Artist Village District
in Berea, Kentucky
May 30, 2013

sign: Old Town Artist Village in Berea KY
a wire dinosaur - art in Old Town

Old Town Berea: Many cities have a historical or "Old Town" hidden within. This area of Berea is one of the more unique areas because it is essentially an artists village. There are interesting shops filled with one of a kind items, and throughout the town of Berea, brightly decorated six-feet tall hands were beautifully painted. This project was sponsored by the Berea Arts Council. In all, there were 12 hands, but the two RV Gypsies did not find them all. Each one was created by a different artist.

The front of a beautifully painted hand in Old Town Berea KY
The back side of a beautifully painted hand in Old Town Berea K

Each side of the hand shown below had two people upside down. On the front side, each person is facing a different way and there seems to be an extra leg and foot on the side of the guy. Notice the peace sign on the back side.

Old Town Berea KY art - painted hands
Old Town Berea KY art - painted hands

Karen Duquette accepted a helping hand.

Old Town Berea KY art - painted hands
sign telling about the Shifflett Cabin
 Shifflett Cabin
 Shifflett Cabin

Quilts on the side of buildings throughout Berea, Kentucky represent some type of a driving tour.

quilt on a sign
quilt on a barn

Then the Two RV Gypsies drove to the nearby Memorial Park and enjoyed their picnic lunch and the wonderful weather. The pavilion had two beautiful mosaics made by children. Karen Duquette especially liked the one with the sky, clouds, and the earth's globe with North and South America showing. This park had a child's playground, covered picnic pavilion and a small parking lot. It is right next to the Berea College Eco-Village.

a flower mosaic in Old Town, Berea, KY
a globe mosaic in Old Town, Berea, KY

Then the two RV Gypsies returned to Renfro Valley KOA and learned that the campground was showing a movie that evening, which they enjoyed.

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May 30 - June 5, 2013
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Renfro Valley KOA and The Tunnel

Anglin Falls in Berea, KY

Berea Old Town Artist Village

Cumberland Gap Nat'l Park

Louisville South KOA / Hiking

The Chained Rock

Louisville, Kentucky and a Segway tour - 2 pages

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