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USA map showing location of North Carolina

The two RV Gypsies in Mount Airy, NC -
home of Mayberry, USA
and the Andy Griffith Show
May 25, 2013
North Carolina map showing location of Mount Airy NC
welcome to North Carolina signsign _ downtown Mount Airy

Mount Airy was settled in the 1750s as a stagecoach stop on the road between Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Galax, Virginia. It was named for a nearby plantation. Mount Airy was incorporated in 1885.

The W. F. Carter House, William Carter House, Edgar Harvey Hennis House, William Alfred Moore House, Mount Airy Historic District, North Carolina Granite Corporation Quarry Complex, Renfro Mill, and Trinity Episcopal Church are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mayberry is a fictional community that was the setting for two popular American television sitcoms, The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D. Mayberry was also the setting for a 1986 reunion television movie titled Return to Mayberry. Mayberry was set in North Carolina and is said to be based on Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina.

sign: Visit Mount Airy, North Carolina
sign: welcome to Mount Airy, a friendly Ctiy
Mount Airy water tower
Mayberry clock

Below: The courthouse, two attached stores, and the attached Mayberry Hotel. Plus Wally's Filling Station.

Mayberry courthouse, shriff's car, and Wally's Service Station in Mayberry

Karen Duquette outside of The Mayberry Courthouse where Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife maintained law and order.

Mayberry courthouse, Andy's sheriff's car and Karen Duuuette

Below: The Mayberry Courthouse and the nearby Wally's Filling Station.

Mayberry courthouse, shriff's car, and Wally's Service Station in Mayberry
Mayberry Courthouse

In front of the courthouse and alongside of the courthouse were individual stones honoring the stars of The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy Griffith stepping stone by the courthouse
Opie stepping stone
Floyd of Floyd's barber shop stoneAunt Bee stone in Mayberry USA
Goober stone in Mayberry USAOtis stone in Mayberry USA
More stones in Mayberry

The Mayberry Courthouse also contained the county jail, two cells and a back room.

The county jail in Mayberry Courthouse
wanted posters in Mayberry USA
The county jail in Mayberry Courthouse
The county jail in Mayberry Courthouse

The Mayberry Courthouse also had the Mayor's office upstairs. No inside stairs are seen on the show. There is an outside fire escape. Aside from Andy Taylor's home, the Mayberry Courthouse was the main setting for The Andy Griffith Show.

The Mayor's office at the Mayberry Courthouse

Lee Duquette became Sheriff and Justice of the Peace in the Mayberry Courthouse.

Lee Duquette acting as Sheriff
Lee Duquette acting as Justice of the Peace in Mayberry

While Lee was busy playing Sheriff and Justice of the Peace, Karen Duquette enjoyed a rocking chair outside of Wally's Filling Station, the town's only known gas station which employed cousins Gomer Pyle and Goober. It also served as the town's auto repair garage.

Karen Duquette rocking at Wally's Service Station
Wally's Service Station and the gas pumps
Inside Wally's Service Station
Wally's Service truck in Mayberry USA
an old gas pump
old prices on a sign near the gas pump
Wally's tow truck in Mayberry USA
Mayberry USA truck

Below: Karen Duquette entered the Mayberry Hotel that was attached to the courthouse.

Karen Duquette entering Mayberry Hotel

The Taylor House is a humble, yet handsome, two-story frame house at 332 Maple Road (though once noted by Barney to be on Elm St.), a short walk from the courthouse. Notable features include a front porch with a swing - perfect for conversation and guitar playing, a back porch with an extra refrigerator, and a living room with a high ceiling and rough-hewn (rusticated ashlar) stone fireplace. The house was currently used as temporary lodging for visitors to this area, so the two RV Gypsies could not go inside.

Andy Griffith's house in Mayberry USA
sign: rent Andy Griffith's home

Floyd's Barber Shop was run by the scatterbrained Floyd Lawson. It was one of the main centers of action in Mayberry. On any given day, it was not unusual to see many of the town's important figures, including the Mayor and the Sheriff, gathered here. Floyd Lawson (Floyd the Barber) is a fictional character on the American TV sitcom The Andy Griffith Show, which was inspired by a real barber in Andy Griffith's real-life hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The real-life barber's name is Russell Hiatt, who had actually cut Andy Griffith's hair on a regular basis while Andy was young and living in Mount Airy. As of January 2012, the real life "Floyd" was still cutting hair daily at his Barber Shop "Floyd's City Barber Shop" in Downtown Mt. Airy.

Floyd's Barber Shop in Mayberry USA - sign
Floyd's Barber Shop in Mayberry USA

laughing animated cliipartAs the two RV Gypsies entered Floyd's Barber Shop, Karen Duquette saw Russell Hiatt - the real  life Floyd - and she tripped over the foot stool attached to the first barber chair, and landed on the floor. What a great way to make a good impression.

Karen Duquette and Russel Hiatt, the real life Floyd of Floyd's Barber Shop
Lee Duquette and Russel Hiatt, the real life Floyd of Floyd's Barber Shop
Russel Hiatt, the real life Floyd of Floyd's Barber Shop
Opie's candy store in Mayberry USA
Opie's candy store in Mayberry USA

Visitors to Mayberry can pay for a tour around town in a horse-drawn buggy, or they can take a ride in one of the Mayberry Sheriff's cars.

Mayberry County Store

two ways to tour Mayberry USA
Mayberry Country Store

Below: Karen Duquette going fishing with Andy Griffith and Opie

Karen Duquette at the Andy Griffith & Ophie statue

Lee Duquette got kissed in Andy Griffith Museum

Andy Griffith Museum
Lee Duquette getting a kiss in Mayberry
Andy Griffith Museum

War Memorial

War Memorial
War Memorial
Andy Griffith star
Don Knotts star
Betty Lynn starEmmett Forrest star Doug Dillard starGeorge Lindsey star

Snappy Lunch - a Mayberry diner named after a real eatery that still serves lunch in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The two RV Gypsies tried to eat there, but the line to get inside was very long. They waited a bit to see if the line went got smaller, and when they returned, the diner had just closed for the day.

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Mount Airy, N.C, - Andy Griffith's home
and the TV town of Mayberry USA

Pirate's Landing Restaurant


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