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Florida map showing location of Lake Wales in FL

The Two RV Gypsies drove to
Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida, one of central Florida's lesser known attractions
that defies the laws of science.

Spook Hill is a gravity hill (an optical illusion where cars appear to roll up the spooky hill). The attraction is adjacent to Spook Hill Elementary School that adopted Casper The Friendly Ghost as their school mascot. The attraction is also in close proximity to Bok Tower

Sppok Hill sign

The two RV Gypsies followed the above instructions. Karen Duquette got outside of the truck and video-taped Lee Duquette in the truck on Spook Hill.

check it outBelow is a video of the the RV Gypsies at Spook Hill.

While the truck is in NEUTRAL, it appears to be backing up the hill. It may take a bit for the video to begin (but it is worth the wait). The video starts with a sign that gives you time to read the sign before the movement of the video begins.

IMPORTANT Below: There is some history about Spook Hill below plus a diagram, so please return here after view the video and scroll down this page.

Click here to see the Two RV Gypsies' truck roll
backwards up the hill while in neutral gear.

IMPORTANT(this video will play, but you must be patient. It may just show status in the lower left corner of your computer screen and then you have to open it from there.

Spook Hill is located on the Lake Wales Ridge, a geologically significant range of sand and limestone hills, which were islands from two to three million years ago, when sea levels were much higher than at present. Many species of plants and animals evolved in isolation and are endemic to the Ridge. Most are threatened or endangered by possible extinction.

Spook Hill received national media attention when an article about it appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on October 25, 1990, and it was featured in a segment on CBS Morning News with Charles Osgood on November 5, 1990.
Above quote from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

explanation of Spook Hill
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on the Gulf Coast of Florida

You may visit these three (3) sites in any order you choose.

bullet Bok Tower Gardens a National Historic Landmark
in Lake Wales, FL (2 pages)

bullet Solomon's Castle the boat in the moat in Ona, Florida

bullet Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida
- defy the laws of science -

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