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Thousand Trails Pacific City
30000 Sandlake Road
Cloverdale, Oregon

July 28. 2013

Thousand Trails sign Thousand Trails gate

The two RV Gypsies did not use any of the amenities shown in photos below, but took photos anyway.

hot tub sign
hot tub

Indoor swimming pool

pool meeting room
game room game room
rec room

This Thousand Trails Park had PAVED ROADS. It is not often that campgrounds have paved roads. However the roads were narrow, and upon meeting another RV, someone had to pull over or back up if they can. (Motorhomes towing can not back up). No TV. No campground Wi-Fi but the Wi-Fi of the two RV Gypsies did work. Sites were wooded. The 40 foot class A motorhome of the two RV Gypsies barely fit in their site, even with the truck parked sideways in front of it. The slideouts on each side of the RV touched the trees that lined their site. Most sites did not have sewer connections, but there were some. Checkout time for RVs was noon.

A full page of tsunami definition and safe destinations was given to the two RV Gypsies when they checked into this campground. Laundry was open 24-hours. All-in-all a nice enough campground, but easy to get lost in because the layout of sites had lots of loops. Signs say be aware of wildlife throughout the park; bears, coyotes and bobcats. The only wildlife the two RV Gypsies saw were rabbits.


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