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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed sculptures
in Des Moines, Iowa
May 26, 2012
Iowa flag

John and Mary PappaJohn Sculpture Park

The 4.4 acre park, located within a major crossroads of the urban grid, creates a pedestrian friendly entrance way to downtown Des Moines. This accessible setting, coupled with the skilled landscape design and caliber of the art, makes it unlike any other sculpture park in the United States.

The John and Mary PappaJohn Sculpture Park showcases a collection of sculptures worth an estimated $40 million plus artwork by 21 of the world’s most celebrated artists. John and Mary PappaJohn, Des Moines philanthropists, are known worldwide. They have donated 27 sculptures in the community.

The PappaJohn Sculpture Park is located from 10th to 15th Streets between Grand Avenue and Locust Street in Downtown Des Moines

Order, 1989 by Tony Cragg (cast bronze)
Reclining Figure, 1969-1982
by Willem De Kooning (bronze)
Lee Duquette near a sculpture by Tony Cragg
sculpture by Willem De Kooning
Willy, 1962 by Tony Smith
(welded steel painted black)
T8, 1985 by Mark Di Suvero
(steel painted red)
sculpture by Tony Smith
sculpture by Mark Di Suvero
White Ghost, 2010 by Yoshitomo Nara (fiberglass)
sculpture by Yoshitomo Nara
sign - Iowa Cultural District
Untitled (Three Dancing Figures) by Keith Haring (Painted Aluminum)
sculpture by Keith Haring
sculpture by Keith Haring
Moonrise East, August, 2006
by Ugo Rondinone
Moonrise East, January, 2006
by Ugo Rondinone
(cast aluminum painted brown on steel plinth)
sculpture by Ugo Roninone
sculpture by Ugo Roninone
Air Gets Into Everything Even Nothing,
2006 by Ugo Rondinone
(cast aluminum with white enamel)
Back of a snowman(white & black)
by Gary Hume
(cast bronze and enamel)
sculpture by Ugo Rondinone
Lee Duquette near sculptures by Gary Hume
In The Morning, CA. 1950
by Anthony Caro (bronze)
Post Balzac, 1990 by Judith Shea
(cast bronze)
sculpture by Anthony Caro
sculpture by Judith Shea
Juno, 1989 by Deborah Butterfield
(cast bronze)
Ancient Forest, 2009 by
Deborah Butterfield (bronze)
sculpture by Deborah Butterfield
culpture by Deborah Butterfield
Spider, 1997
by Louise Bourgeois (bronze)
Thinker On The Rock, 1997
by Barry Flanagan (bronze)
sculpture by Louise Bourgeois
sculpture by Barry Flanagan

Nomade, 2007 by Jaume Plensa (stainless steel painted white)

sculpture by Jaume Plensa
Nomade, 2007 by Jaume Plensa
Karen Duquette inside a sculpture by Jaume Plensa
The sculpture was formed using stainless steel Alphabet letters
Karen Duquette inside sculpture by Jaume Plensa
the sculpture is formed using stainless steel Alphabet letters

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Sculpture Park
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