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The Skycoaster and Zipline at
Royal Gorge Park in Canon, Colorado
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Lee Duquette

From where Lee Duquette is standing in the above photo, he got a great view of the Royal Rush Skycoaster. It is one of 81 Skycoasters in the world. This one is 100 feet high, 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River. It reaches speed up to 50 mph. The two RV Gypsies also rode a skycoaster just like this back when they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 1991. Karen wanted to ride, but Lee did not.

the Royal Rush Skycoaster
the Royal Rush Skycoaster

The Soaring Eagle Zip Line, the highest zip line in the world, opened in the Spring of 2012. Perched on the 1,000 foot granite wall on the north side of the bridge, the ride has two zip lines carrying two riders each, and will zip 700 feet over canyon walls from 1,000 to 800 feet above the Arkansas River, along 1,400 feet of canyon walls, and then zip back at approximately 35 miles per hour. Unlike a typical canopy type zip line tour, riders are secured into a "chair" that gives guests freedom of movement for the arms and legs. This ride is very family friendly, but it is an extra pay feature in addition to the park admission ticket. This was a boring ride.

Soriang Eagle zipline
Soriang Eagle zipline chairs
sign: Soriang Eagle zipline

A video of this zip line is posted and can be found by using the TOC button above and choosing Movies/Videos.

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