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sign- Art On The Corner

The two RV Gypsies took a walking tour of award-winning outdoor statuary displays in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado

August 26, 2012

sign Welcome to downtown Grand Junction, Colorado

Art On The Corner (AOTC) is a year-round outdoor sculpture exhibit displayed in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. The display is free to the public and includes more than 100 sculptures in a variety of media and styles (not all shown here). The collections consists of both permanent sculpture and some temporary pieces that are for sale to the public.

AOTC has become a cultural icon in downtown Grand Junction and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014.

artist sign- stumped
artist sign - Puffed up Price
art - stumped
art - frog
artist sign - freewheeling
girl on bike
girl on bike
artist sign -  big drop five
artist sign -  end of the line
Lee Duquette on big bike
art - knot
artist sign -  standing female
artist sign - slow dance
art - standing female
a couple slow dancing - art
artist sign -  mountain song
artist sign -  the silly fool
art - mountain song
art - lady sculpture
artist sign -  metamorphosis
artist sign -  John otto
art sculpture - metamorphosis
John Otto on horse
artist sign -  Leaf angel
artist sign -  Leap
sculpture - leaf angel
art - fish
artist sign -  greg la rex
sculpture - dinosour
sculpture - dinosaur
artist sign - Clifford Duncan
artist sign -  Clorese
art - Clifford Duncan
art - fish

The below is titled "White Deer of Autumn" - It was photographed in pieces because Karen could not stand back any further. Unfortunately, most pieces were not displayed in the best situation for proper photography.

White Deer of Autumn
White Deer of Autumn feet
artist sign - dreamy woman
artist sign -  It's a Stretch
sculpture - dreamy woman
art - woman stretching
artist sign -  Chipeta & Chief Ouray
artist sign -  Chipeta & Chief Ouray
artist sign -  Chipeta & Chief Ouray
artist sign -  music to my eyes
art - giant music note
art - giant music note

Several art items did not have name tags.

Lee Duquette
Lee Duquette
water fountain
artist sign -  uncomplicated moon
art - pig
art - man in tub
art - man in tub
artist sign -  the TIC
artist sign -  Hickory Dickory Dock
art -  Hickory Dickory Dock
art -  Hickory Dickory Dock
Walter Walker & Son
Walter Walker & Son
art - ant and apple
atist sign - 2 soouls, 1 heart
sign - Sister Mary Balbina Farrell
art - loving couple
art- Sister Mary Balbina Farrell
sign - Alex the human cannoball
art - Alex the human cannoball
art - Alex the human cannoball
art - fountain
art - fountain
sign - great heron
sign - billy
art - rub belly for good luck
aotc art
sign - horse and rider
a couple
art - horse and rider
sign - ostrich
art - ostrich

Below: A nice mural over a store

A nice mural over a store
sign - the cigarette is dead

Objects below were not named

art art

A giant Ice cream cone outside an ice cream store

Ice cream cone outside an ice cream store

Below: Can you see Karen Duquette in the photo below?

Karen Duquette
look below

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