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The two RV Gypsies at Bryce Canyon National Park
August 9 and 10, 2012

USA map showing where Bryce Canyon is locatedWelcome to Bryce City

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Bryce Canyon is not a "real" canyon. It is not carved by flowing water. Water is the active ingredient here but in the form of "frost-wedging" and chemical weathering.

clipart - coolFor 200 days a year the temperature goes above and below freezing every day. During the day, melted water seeps into fractures only to freeze at night, expanding by 9%. Now as ice, it exerts a tremendous force (2,000 - 20,000 pounds per square inch). Over time this "frost-wedging" shatters and pries rocks apart. In addition, rain water, which is naturally acidic, slowly dissolves the limestone, rounding off edges and washing away debris.

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IMPORTANTBryce Canyon National Park is a really big National Park. Therefore, photos taken at Bryce have been divided into eleven (11) sections so that photos will load faster, and you may choose the sections in any order you wish. Each section is quite different. Some sections have lots of photos, and some sections have very few photos, but all have interesting information as well. Each section is worth the viewing time so please enjoy!

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1. Sunrise Point

2. Sunset Point

3. Inspiration Point

4. Bryce Point

5. Paria View

6. Farview Point

7. Natural Bridge

8. Rainbow Point

9. Black Birch Canyon

10. ATV Tour

11. Fairyland Canyon

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