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The Two RV Gypsies and family at Knotts Berry Farm
in Buena Park, California

August 1, 2012 and a Flashback to 1973

Karen Duquette was glad that her niece Melinda and nephew Greg like to ride roller coasters. Also Karen's niece Becky came later and she also liked roller coasters. Lee and Ilse did NOT ride any roller coasters or any other rides. But everyone was happy and had a great time being with family.
Below: Ilse, Karen, Melinda and Greg.

Ilse, Karen, Melinda, Greg

Below: Karen, Melinda and Greg in line and on the roller coaster.
Karen, Melinda and Greg in line
roller coaster
roller coaster
Camp Snoopy - a kiddie show - Lee Duquette liked it! Everyone else was bored.
Camp Snoopy - a kiddie show
Camp Snoopy - a kiddie show
Karen Duquette, Ilse, Melinda, and Greg Blahak
A stagecoach ride on the bridge.
Karen, Ilse, Melinda, Greg
a stagecoach ride
Camp Snoopy - a kiddie show
Karen and Melinda rode the Sierra Sidewinder: Duration 2 minutes - Speed 37 mph - A new twist on traditional roller coasters, Sierra Sidewinder combines speed with spin. Each of the four cars took Karen and Melinda through a series of nose-dives, banks, dips, and turns at a speed of 37 mph while continually rotating on its axis.
Karen and Melinda ride the Sierra Sidewinder
Karen and Melinda ride the Sierra Sidewinder
Below: A gentle swing ride - it went up high, but was not fast. Only Karen rode this ride. Ilse does not like heights.
a gentle swing ride
a gentle swing ride
car at drive in
Other roller coasters that Karen Duquette rode.
roller coaster
roller coaster
roller coaster
Karen Duquette rode the Silver Bullet alone too. Knott's first suspended coaster sent Karen and the other riders climbing to a height of 146 feet, then it soared back down with an initial drop of 109 feet. Karen experienced spirals and corkscrews, and then the coaster flew into a cobra roll, then into overbanked curves. Overall, Karen and the other riders found themselves upside down six times including one vertical loop of 105 feet. Speed was 55 mph.
Silver Bulle
XCELERATOR: The Ride hydraulically launched Karen Duquette and the other riders off the start line at an electrifying top speed of 82 mph in 2.3 seconds through an exhilarating 205-foot ascent and then into an immediate descent at a 90-degree angle. It's no sweat for the two trains, with a capacity of 20 people per train. This hopped up screamer is a 62-second blast from the past for everyone from ankle biters to Big Daddys! Karen and Becky rode this but Lee and the rest of Karen's family was busy getting food and didn't take any photos.
Karen and Becky rode Boomerang: This scream machine turned them head-over-heels six times in less than ONE minute! And just when they thought it was safe to breathe, it started all over again --BACKWARDS! at a speed of 50 mph - Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds total.
Karen and Becky rode Montezuma's Revenge: They blasted from 0 to 55 in just 3 seconds, traveled through a giant, seven-story loop -- once forward, then again backwards. Duration: only 35 seconds.


Brian Duquette
Renee Duquette
Brian Lee Dquette on a horse Renee Duquette on a horse
Renee and Brian Duquette Lee Duquette, Ilse, Brian and Renee
Below: A very naughty Lee Duquette Lee Duquette with Brian, Renee and goats
Lee Duquette Lee, Brian and Renee with goats
Karen Duquette and her son Brian Duquette
Renee Duquette on a donkey Karen Duquette and her son on donkeys
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The Getty Center
in the Santa Monica Mountains
Karen Duquette's family time
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