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Four Arrows Monument in Belcourt, North Dakota
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Lee Duquette at the Four Arrows Monument in Belcourt, North Dakota

13 miles away from Tommy Turtle in the Turtle Mountains Indian Reservation on the property of St. Ann's Church, overlooking Highway 5 just west of town in Belcourt, North Dakota, the two RV Gypsies saw the Four Arrows Monument which was erected in 1985 for the town's centennial. Four giant arrow shafts rise from 2-D arrowheads lodged tip-first in the rock cairn that forms its base. The arrows symmetrically surround the base of a life-size crucifixion cross. For some reason unknown to the two RV Gypsies, the rock cairn has a blackened cattle skull nailed to it.

On an adjoining side of the cairn is this inscription: "We wish to honor our ancestors, who gave witness of 100 years of their Catholic faith and their Indian traditions. They are the ones who speak today."

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