Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
Karen Duquette got acquainted with
"Rusty the Giant Turtle"
in Turtle Lake, North Dakota
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Karen Duquette on Rusty the Giant Turtle

This steel 2 ton giant turtle, 20 feet long, named "Rusty" for its rust colored exterior, stands as a tribute to Turtle Lake's annual "Turtle Days" and World renowned Turtle Races. Rusty is located on the south edge of Turtle Lake, North Dakota. For some reason, this region of North Dakota (and into Canada) really loves their turtles, as more giant turtles can be found in this region than anywhere else.

sign - welcome to Turtle Lake, ND
Turtle Lake Sign
Rusty the giant turtle in ND
Lee Duquette and Rusty the giant turtle in ND
Lee Duquette rides Rusty the giant turtle in ND
Rusty was erected in 1995 in memory of Harold Hanson, a community leader, for the 90th anniversary of Turtle Lake.
dedication sign
Lee Duquette setting up a picnic lunch for the two RV Gypsies
The two RV Gypsies picnic near Rusty the Giant Turtle

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