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Rafting at Cumberland Falls
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The guide suggested that everyone leave their shoes and socks in the sand on the beach before getting into the raft.
approaching the raft
shoes on the beach
Before getting into the raft, the guide had to first remove a big brown spider. Lee Duquette took photos from his seat behind the guide.
Karen Duquette and her grandson in the raft
Karen Duquette and her grandson in the raft
Then guide rowed across the river to a very small waterfall that was streaming down the mountain side and then rowed under that. It felt real good to get wet because it was such a hot day.
Karen Duquette
Karen Duquette waved to the people up above observing the falls, but they did not not wave back.
approaching the falls
approaching Cumberland Falls
Then the guide rowed closer to the real waterfall, but not under it, of course.
getting closer to Cumberland Falls
getting even closer to Cumberland Falls
The mist from the falls felt refreshing as the guide rowed as close to the falls as he was allowed to do.
Lots of mist from the falls
Leaving the falls and rowing back towards the beach, the mist from the waterfall was still refreshing.
Karen Duquette in front of Cumberland Falls
feeling the mist
observation point
approaching the beach again
Arriving back at the beach area and exiting the raft, everyone checked their shoes and socks that had been left on the beach to be sure the spider did not crawl inside any of the shoes or socks. Then it was time for the two RV Gypsies and Alex to head back to the car, and drive that curvy road again to get back to the RV. Alex did not like the curvy road and laid down in the back seat during the trip.
look down
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