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Map of Massachusetts showing location of Monson
The two RV Gypsies in
August 3, 2011

sign - Massachusetts welcomes you

The two RV Gypsies drove from the campground in Monson, Massachusetts to Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts. They were at Six Flags New England previously in 2008.

The Superman roller coaster was changed and is now Bizarro. Truthfully, Karen found Bizarro to be the only thing in the park that was somewhat thrilling. Although Karen thoroughly enjoyed the park in 2008 and what was then Superman, after going to Cedar Point last month and riding Top Thrill Dragster, all coasters at Six Flags seemed lame to Karen. After all, Top Thrill Dragster is the second tallest roller coaster in the world (420 feet), and also the third fastest roller coaster in the world (120 mph) and no roller coaster at Six Flags can compete with that. No photos were taken on this date because they are all in the 2008 page. Use the TOC button above and choose A for amusement parks to learn about the rides at Six Flags New England. Also since Six Flags New England charges $20 per car to park each day, the two RV Gypsies decided not to return there the next day as previously planned.

August 4, 2011

The two RV Gypsies set out to explore a former working forest and trek to a summit with panoramic views from the 1,227-foot summit of Peaked (pronounced “pea-kid”) Mountain, and gaze northward across the Quabbin Reservoir watershed and glimpse New Hampshire's Mount Monadnock.

The two RV Gypsies followed the road signs to Peaked Mountain and parked in the parking lot marked Peaked Mountain. They discovered that they were at the Miller Forest Tract. In the below photo, the car of the two RV Gypsies can be seen along with Peaked Mountain - far away. The sign said a one-mile hike, but the two RV Gypsies knew that Peaked Mountain was more than a one-mile hike and that they were not where they expected to be.
the toad of the two RV Gypsies and Peaked Mountain
the trail to Peaked Mountain
The two RV Gypsies did not realize that there were two different tracts to Peaked Mountain. This was a 1-mile easy-walking woodland trail loops around Lunden Pond, then through the woods and hills, and then circled back to the parking lot. They hiked the trail even though it wasn't going to lead to Peaked Mountain.
Lunden Pond
Lunden Pond
trail at Miller Forest Tract at Peaked Mountain
trail at Miller Forest Tract at Peaked Mountain
trail at Miller Forest Tract at Peaked Mountain
trail at Miller Forest Tract at Peaked Mountain
Lee Duquette
trail at Miller Forest Tract at Peaked Mountain
After arriving back at the parking lot, the two RV Gypsies drove all over the town trying to find another way to Peaked Mountain and the other trail, but did not succeed.
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