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Michigan City Lighthouse
July 29, 2010
Michigan City, Indiana

clipart of a History BookMichigan City's first light was a simple "postlight" located approximately 100 feet west of the present lighthouse. A "postlight" was a lantern on a tall pole.

In 1858, the U.S. Government constructed a lighthouse using Joliet stone for the foundation and Milwaukee or "Cream City" bricks for the superstructure.

The 1858 Michigan City Lighthouse which served as both light and the keeper's living quarters was remodeled in 1904. The building was enlarged by adding 2 northern rooms on each floor. The expanded structure contained duplex apartments. The keeper and his/her family used all 3 floors on the east side of the building. The west side apartment was designated for the assistant keeper and family. On October 20, 1904 the lantern was moved to the newly constructed Pierhead Light where its beacon shone until it was replaced in 1980. The lantern tower was also removed in 1904. The original 5th order Fresnel Lens that illuminated the 1858 Michigan City Light and the 1904 Pierhead Light is now on display in the Old Lighthouse Museum.

The date of 1858 can still be seen on the south outside wall of the building. The northern wall that supported the lantern tower is 24 inches thick. The other three exterior walls are 18 inches thick.


Lots of sailboats in Washington Park
Lots of sailboats in Washington Park
Finally, the two RV Gypsies reached the Michigan City Lighthouse that they photographed from the Portage Lakefront Riverwalk, and from Mount Baldy, as posted on previous pages of this website.
Michigan City Lighthouse and Lake Michigan
Michigan City Lighthouse and beach-goers on Lake Michigan
Michigan City Lighthouse and 2 fishermen
Michigan City Lighthouse
Michigan City Lighthouse
Michigan City Lighthouse
Michigan City Lighthouse

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Falls Park features a 386-million-year-old fossil bed (among the largest naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world). A spectacular interpretive center overlooks the fossil beds containing an exhibit gallery and video presentation.