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The City of Blowing Rock
May 5, 2010

Now that you have viewed the photos from THE Blowing Rock, here's some photos and facts about the City of Blowing Rock, plus some great scenery on the way to Grandfather Mountain.

Blowing Rock's visitor center and a miniature carving of a covered bridge
sing for Blowing Rock's visitor center
a miniature carving of a covered bridge
flowers outside the visitor center
Scenery taken while driving towards Grandfather Mountain
Scenery taken while driving towards Grandfather Mountain
Scenery taken while driving towards Grandfather Mountain
history bookLinn Cove Viaduct is a 1243-foot concrete segmental bridge which snakes around the slopes of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. It was completed in 1983 at a cost of $10 million and was the last section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to be finished. It is said to be the most complicated concrete bridge ever built. The viaduct was needed because of the damage that a traditional cut-and-fill road would have caused to Grandfather Mountain. It is 1,243 feet long and consists of 153 segments weighing 50 tons each. The bridge's segments were precast at an indoor facility at the south side of the parkway. After being transported to the bridge site, each section was lowered into place by a custom crane placed on either edge of the existing structure. The only work done at ground level was drilling for the seven footings which support the viaduct. In particular, there was no access road other than the Blue Ridge Parkway itself. The bridge has received eleven design awards.
Linn Cove Viaduct
Yonahlossee Overlook (Milepost 303.9) on the Blue Ridge Parkway - and the two RV Gypsies' toad facing Bare Mountain Rock.
sign - Yonahlossee Overlook
The toad of the two RV Gypsies
The path alongside the road which allowed the two RV Gypsies to enjoy a really nice view from this overlook and Bare Mountain Rock.
path alongside the road
scenery from the overlook
In the below photos, notice the road that the two RV Gypsies are currently as it twists and turns around the mountain side.
view from the overlook of the road ahead
view from the overlook of the road ahead
Karen Duquette at Yonahlossee Overlook
Karen Duquette at Yonahlossee Overloo
The two RV Gypsies found a nice place to have a picnic lunch from the tailgate of their new toad, known as MOB "Monster Out Back"
sign - Price Lake
Lee Duquette setting up a picnic at Price Lake
Price Lake is a reservoir in Watauga County in the state of North Carolina. The altitude is 3366 feet.
Price Lake
Price Lake
There is something swimming in this lake -but Karen Duquette did not have her big zoom lens with her. It appears to be some type of animal, but not a bird or duck. Lee Duquette could actually see it, but Karen could not see it until she zoomed in on it as close as she could.
something swimming in Price Lake
something swimming in Price Lake
The two RV Gypsies in North Carolina
- May 4-6 2010 -
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Boone, North Carolina
Hawksnest Zipline
The City of Blowing Rock
Blowing Rock Mountain
Grandfather Mountain
Linville Falls
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