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Country Dogs RV Park
758 Curtis Chapel Road
Starksville, Mississippi
May 4, 2016

USA map shwoing location of MississippiMississippi map showing location of Stakrsville

These comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies and do not make the campground good or bad in general.

unhappy faceKaren lost the photos she took at this campground. But it had to be noted that the GPS did not take the two RV Gypsies to the campground. When almost there, the GPS said they had reached their destination, so the two RV Gypsies kept driving and it took quite awhile, but eventually they saw the campground and its very tiny sign, which could easily be missed.

The campground was very small. The sites were grassy. The roads were dirt. Only a couple of TV stations came in, NBC was the only major station. The two RV Gypsies used their own Wi-Fi. Cell phones did not work.

Going into town the two RV Gypsies drove out of the campground, heading opposite of the way they came in and got to the major road quickly. Coming back they tried to go back to the campground that way, but came to a dirt road, so they turned around and went the way they originally came in. Again the GPS did not take them there and they also came to a dirt road this way. They knew they had not driven on a dirt road with their RV. They turned around and took the only other road in the area, but after driving a bit, Lee said it didn't seem right so he turned around. (Later they learned they should have kept going at that time). They could not call the campground because their cell phones did not work. They asked several people who lived in the area if they knew where the campground was, and finally the third person was able to give them directions.

It seemed that they missed turning left at the cemetery. But Lee screwed up and didn't follow the directions given, despite Karen telling him that he should have turned at the sharp corner. So he ended up on the main road and had to turn around to the sharp corner. Once he turned left at the cemetery and kept going, they got to the campground. Yet, neither one of the two RV Gypsies remembered turning left the first time while in the RV, but they must have. Oh my! 45 minutes wasted. This was a first for the two RV Gypsies.

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