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Cherokee Landing in Saulsbury, Tennessee
A Thousand Trails and Encore membership campground

These comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies and do not make the campground good or bad in general.

unhappy faceThe two RV Gypsies stayed at Cherokee Landing campground July 11, 2014.  This campground let them pick their own site. The map received from the office was small print and hard to read (see photo below) and the two RV Gypsies had trouble finding the sites. There are only 15 full-hook-up sites in the entire campground, and although there were two of those sites open, it would have been hard for the two RV Gypsies to back in their 40 foot RV in those sites, so they chose another site with 30 amp, water, and no sewer.

The site was actually nice with a great view of the pond (see photo below), but the two RV Gypsies like to have sewer connections and 50 amp. The site lost power on the first night and the two RV Gypsies had to run their generator for the night and wait until morning to contact the workers because Lee did not know where the main breaker panel was located. It could not be solved from the site that the two RV Gypsies were on.

Warning: There was one road IN the campground with a very small sign warning that there is only a 12-foot clearance on that road. Luckily, Lee saw that sign and did not go on that road. The campground did not give a list of rules other than what was on the map. The pool looked nice and big, and radiated with the appearance of very dark blue water. But as usual, the two RV Gypsies did not use the pool. Wi-Fi was only at the rec center, and not at sites, but the TV did get good reception with the antenna.

No, the two RV Gypsies will NOT return to this campground ever again, and they left this campground early the next morning because the refrigerator kept shutting off.

campground map

Narrow, curvy roads leading into the campground

Cherokee Landing sign
Lee Duquette and the RV of the two RV Gypsies
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