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smiley faceMacGavins Queen Valley RV Resortsmiley face
50 W. Oro Viejo Drive
Queen Valley, Arizona
'520.463.2300 or '877.337.2757
May 17-19, 2015



Queen Valley RV Resort is located in the Heart of the Superstition Mountains, away from crowds and busy city streets. This is an adult community. There was a nearby 18-hole golf course, hiking trails, ATV trails, plus jeep and 4-wheel drive trails accessible from the resort. The RV Resort had a million-dollar recreation and activities center, a large activity hall, craft rooms, library, TV lounge, restrooms, showers, saunas, heated swimming pool, two hot tubs, laundry, exercise room and so much more.

ONLY VERIZON PHONE SERVICE WORKS HERE. No cable, but Antenna gave several TV stations. All roads were paved. The two RV Gypsies could not use their cell phone or Wi-Fi in this park because they were not Verizon. There was one computer desk in the Library with Wi-Fi available there. But it was a long walk to get there.

The park had mostly mobile homes that were not occupied while the two RV Gypsies were here. As a matter of fact, the two RV Gypsies only saw two mobile homes with people in them. So it is probably full of "snowbirds" in the winter. Many of the mobile homes had cars parked on their site and the hood of the cars were propped open. Not sure why, unless it was so animals would not nest in their motor! This park is set away from the main roads and there are a lot of turns to get to it, but the turns were all marked with good signs. Even the nearby houses appeared to belong to mostly snowbirds. The two RV Gypsies loved the serenity of this park on these dates. Definitely a wonderful RV park. This was a Passport America Site.

Queen Valley entry sign
Queen Valley RV Resort directional sign

The entry sign and gate to Queen Valley RV Resort.

Queen Valley RV Resort welcome sign
gate to Queeen Valley RV Resort.

Queen Valley RV Resort roads and mobile homes.

Queeen Valley RV Resort roads and mobile homes.
Queeen Valley RV Resort roads and mobile homes.

The pool. It was big, but not if the park were to be full of people. Part of the million dollar complex.

Part of the million dollar complex

This hot tub was closed for the season. It was outdoors, but had a roof overhead. The second hot tub was located near the pool, and can just barely be seen in the above photo.

hot tub

BBQ area.

Exercise room

BBQ area.
Exercise room

The Library. TV was closed for the season. There was only one desk for computer use.

A small part of
the large entertainment room.

entertainment room

Two windows in the large entertainment room.


Below: The site of the two RV Gypsies. The 5th wheel on the right had just one man in it, and he was hardly ever around. The RV on the other side was only there one night. Other than the lady in the office and the man on the golf cart that took the two RV Gypsies to their site, the two RV Gypsies never saw another person in the park in the three days they were there. At night, the two two RV Gypsies went to the pool and hot tub and watched the bats flying around.

the RV of the two RV Gypsies rock garden

The street where the two RV Gypsies live.

The street where the two RV Gypsies live
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