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Pecan Park RV Resort
650 Pecan Park Road
Jacksonville, FL
October 23-25, 2014

COMMENTS & PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS OF THE TWO RV GYPSIES. These comments do not make the campground good or bad in general.

This was a very nice campground with live ALLIGATORS right next door. It accepted Passport America for a discount. The campground was booked solid on this date, so reservations are highly recommended. There were 179 sites, and all of the sites were paved, as were the roads. The sites were in 5 long rows of 36 with 3 sites on the side. The road to the left was one-way into the sites, and the other five roads were one-way back towards the office. All sites were 70-foot long concrete pull-thru sites, 20-30-50 amp, sewer, water, cable and wireless internet.

The internet was not-secured and sometimes painfully slow, sometimes OK. Great cable TV with lots of channels. Laundromat, clubhouse, and pool on site. Pool open 7 a.m. to dusk (this is Florida so the pool did not close down after Labor Day). Cars and RVs can be washed for an additional fee.  Occasionally, a jet would fly overhead and that would be quite noisy. A few trains were also heard, but they were in the distance, so they were not very loud.

welcome to Peacan Park RV Resort & Chili Cook-off sign the office at Pecan Park RV Resort

The campground office had a fish tank with small fish and a fake alligator in it. The two RV Gypsies did not know why an alligator would be in the tank, until a bit later when Lee saw the live alligators right next door to the campground. (see photos below)

Pecan Park RV Resort aquarium in office with fish and fake alligator
carved tree chair campground pool
pond in the campground pond in the campground

The RV of the two RV Gypsies at Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville, Florida

the RV of the two RV Gypsies
the RV of the two RV Gypsies

Below: View from the front of the to RV Gypsies' RV

View from the front of the to RV Gypsies' RV

The two RV Gypsies walked around the fence shown in the photo above to see the live alligators.

three live alligators three live alligators
a big alligator a big alligator

The sign "Gator Girlz" was on the fence by the alligators.

gator girlz sign

Cypress Knees

Cypress Knees Cypress Knees

Beside the Alligators, there was a big building and it held a party of some sort on Friday night, and music was played until 2 a.m. (It was not part of the campground).

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