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Karen Duquette took time off from RVing and went on a cruise
on the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas
a line dance cruise
October 29, 2011
for 7 nights

Below: The bus taking Karen Duquette and other line dancers from Broward to the Port of Miami.

Line-dancers waiting for the bus

Below: Since this is a Halloween cruise, Karen Duquette started the trip off by wearing one of her many Halloween-starter-outfits. Not only does her headpiece light-up and blink colors, but she has a "duck-quacker"  to help the party begin.

Karen Duquette and her duck-quacker Karen Duquette and her flashy headpiece

Karen Duquette roomed with her friend from Sweden, Monica Eckedahl. Karen brought some Halloween decorations from home with her.

Karen Duquette by her room door Monica Eckedahl a the room door

Below: A one-hour meet-and-greet party with drinks already paid for in the package price. Karen was really blinking and sparkling.

Karen Duquette and other party-people Karen Duquette and other party-people

Karen Duquette and Patty

Karen met some burly friends on the cruise.

Karen Duquette and Ptatty Karen Duquette met some burly friends

Below: Several other people on the cruise wanted a picture with Karen. This is the only one taken with Karen's camera though.

Karen Duquette and a stranger

Below: Some of the line dance group.

The line dance group

Below: Line dancing on the Ice Skating Rink - the room was reserved just for the line-dance group. They also had a private room with a nice dance floor and a stage to themselves where they learned new line dances.

Karen Duquette line dancing Karen Duquette line dancing
Karen and Bruce dancing
Karen Duquette dancing Karen Duquette dancing

Below: The YMCA dancers and others performed on the Promenade deck

YMCA dancers YMCA dancers
YMCA dancers
YMCA dancers YMCA dancers
YMCA dancers YMCA dancers
YMCA dancers ring ross

Below: While watching the YMCA male dancers perform, Karen caught a glowing ring thrown to her. The ring flashed in different colors.

Karen Duquette and a special ring she caught
Karen Duquette and a line dance friend

Dinner Time with Eva and Monica

Dinner Time with Eva and Monica
Karen Duquette's specialty drink

Below: Dress-up time.

Karen Duquette ready to party Karen Duquette and her special hat

Below: Other fun stuff around the ship

Lion Puss n Boots
lady's toilet area Men's toilet area
Witch smashed on door
Shrek Shrek
a big bird big birds
gator news Hairspray show

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