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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed Elizabethan Gardens
1411 National Park Drive
in Manteo, North Carolina 27854
(part of The Outer Banks)
June 24, 2020

USA map showing location of North CarolinaManteo NC

history bookThe Elizabethan Gardens is a place of beauty and tranquility and a tribute to the first English colonists in the New World at the site of the original settlement. Inspirational garden displays provide educational opportunities that encourage an appreciation of the art of gardening. There IS a fee to enter this garden and it is usually open all year round.

Welcome to Manteo sign The Elizabethan Gardens sign
face covering sign mobile audio tour sign

The Elizabethan Gardens encompasses 10 acres of botanical and sculptural delights

Lee Duquette enters The Elizabethan Gardens The Elizabethan Gardens

Below: A monumental bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth I, ancient Italian Renaissance statuary,

Queen Elizabeth statue sign Queen Elizabeth statue
Queen Elizabeth statue information

Below: This statue has quite a history and its history can be found at -- But if you use this link to learn more about the statue, please return to this page and continue on to see the rest of these gardens and more. (This link has nothing to do with the two RV Gypsies).

Virginia Dare Statue sign Virginia Dare Statue

Below: The two RV Gypsies were fascinated by the crooked trees and shapes in the gardens.

crooked tree crooked tree
crooked tree
mutilple twines in the tree tree

Below: This area was roped off, and the two RV Gypsies are not sure of its significance.

roped off area remnants of a monument
water trees

Below:In 1953 The Elizabethan Gardens received several museum-quality Italian statues including a fountain with a pool, wellhead, sundial, birdbaths, stone steps and benches. They were a gift from the Whitney family estate. Gilded-age socialite and famed architectural designer Stanford White imported the items from Pompeii in 1906 for the family as a showcase for their Greenwood Estate in Thomasville Georgia.

The bowl and pedestal Aphrodite Fountain with column balustrade and accompanying statues of Roman gods are now showpieces of the Elizabethan-inspired sunken garden in Manteo where millions have enjoyed them for over 60 years.

Aphrodite Fountain
statue of a Roman god statue of a Roman god
walkway at Elizabethan Gardens fountain at Elizabethan Gardens

Suddenly, Lee told Karen to "STOP QUICKLY". and she did just as a snake passed their path. - They did not see any of the birds shown in the signs below.

sign about a Purple Martin bird sign about Carolina Wren

Below: The Butterfly Center - Although no butterflies were seen on this date by The Two RV Gypsies, they always find informative signs interesting and worthy of their website.

The John White Butterfly Center sign
sign about most common butterflies
sign about Plants for Butterflies
sculpture sculpture

look below

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