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and other stuff in Chetwynd.

ha ha ha

Karen got attacked by a big bear
and all Lee did was take a picture.

The sign said "Stop, Look, Listen"
so that was exactly what Lee did!

Karen Duquette being attacked by a big bear Lee Duquette stopped, looked and listened.

The three photos shown below were actually taken right in front of the area where the chainsaw contest had taken place. It was a nice skateboard area for the kids.

skateboard carving skateboard rink

And this was a carving from some previous year.

NOP carving - ape
mural at the Chetwynd Public Library

The District of Chetwynd keeps each intricately carved piece from the championship every year, and places them along pathways, in parks, and around gardens throughout town. Below are some of previous years entries.

hockey player carving tall carving
carving carving
bucking cowboy horses
carving wildlife
Dinner for two - 2 bears and a fish
carving communities in bloom sign

Below: three different views of a naked man dancing with an angel.

a naked man dancing with an angel. a naked man dancing with an angel.
a naked man dancing with an angel.

Below: A monument and carving at Dedication Park.

Dedication Park carving at Dedication Park
Dedication Park sign
airport Rotary Park carved airplane

The two RV Gypsies had walked all the way from where the chainsaw contest was held to the center of town. By then, they were really hungry and they were glad to see that the Riverhouse Restaurant was open, since it was a Sunday and other places were closed.

Lee Duquette approaching Riverhouse Restaurant Lee Duquette in front of Riverhouse Restaurant

The restaurant was not very busy. The two RV Gypsies saw a cute and private table in a barrel, but since the table wasn't cleared, they sat in the booth across from it, because it was the furthest away from the only other customers that were in the restaurant, and they were talking quite loudly. The food and service were both okay, but nothing special.

barrel table empty tables at Riverhouse Restaurant
look below

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