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Map of Yooperland
sign: First Ore Discovery spitting on sidewalks pohibited
sign describing Da Big Louis Snowblower
Da Big Louis Snowblower
Merry's first stock car 1951
sign: Yooper Factiod
Yooper Snow Shovel
Roy Skin Flint Johnson
Roy Skin Flint Johnson
town pump
Lee Duquette checks out the town pump
Yooperland tractor Underground fire Truck

Below: A replica of an ore mine and workers

Replica of an ore mine Replica of an ore mine and workers
sign about the mine cage
the mine cage
kibble bucket sign
kibble bucket
sign: Yooperland Assualt Vehicle
Yooperland Assualt Vehicle
sign about Yooperland Golf War
sign about the Mine Tugger
Mine Tugger
sign: 1937 Iron bike details
1937 Iron Bike
sign about the ski doo
Yooperland Ski Doo
2-man Yooper Bobsled sign
2-man Yooper Bobsled
bear carving bear carvings and murals
look below

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