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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
the Wilson Botanical Gardens
in Wilson, North Carolina
October 14, 2014

This is page 1 - mostly flowers
Page 2 is the Children's Gardena and fun stuff
Page 3 is the culinary and medicinal herb garden

entrance to Wilson Botanical Gardens Wilson Botanical Gardens sign
about Wilson Botanical Gardens

Below: A bird feeder that looked like an apple.

A bird feeder
A bird feeder
A bird feeder s
Southern Magnolia tree sign
Southern Magnolia
mixed planting garden sign
Lee Duquette and an arch entrance
sticky burr on a leaf

Below: Curly Leaf Lingustrum

Curly Leaf Lingustrum
flower tree
Hosta Garden sign
bee on a flower
bee on a flower
bee on a flower
sign for the Kite sculpture
kite sculpture
droopy flower
Pollinator Habitat sign
flowers flower
flowers flowers

Flowers in the Children's Garden section

flower big clump of flowers
flowers flowers
flower flower
flowers flowers
flowers flowers

please continue on to page 2 of the botanical garden - the children's sectionPlease continue on to page 2 of  Wilson Botanical Gardens - the Children's Garden