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The World's Largest Sandhill Crane
Located in Steele, North Dakota
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the world's largest sandhill crane
Steele is home to the world's largest sandhill crane, a 38-1/2 foot tall Sandhill Crane statue named Sandy. Inspired by the local wildlife, the Crane was built in 1998-99 by James Miller of Arena, ND, in his farm shop. The rolled sheet metal was welded in place, painted, and transported to its current location in 1999. A Memorial Flower Garden was planted in 2004 in memory of James and the entire area is now surrounded by numerous grass species, flowers, and trees all native to the Coteau Rangeland of North Dakota.

The Coteau Rangeland is an area of glacial potholes located in the central flyway which makes it a favorite spot for migratory nesting wildlife, including the Sandhill Crane. The crane is the oldest living species of birds and has existed unchanged for more than 2 million years.

The statue is sponsored and maintained by the World's Largest Sandhill Crane Foundation in Steele. It is a non-profit organization funded by private donations and gaming.

Karen Duquette and the world's largest sandhill crane

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