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Big Horn County map

Montana's Best Kept Secret
OK-A-BEH - September 8, 2009

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Fort Smith, Montana

- on the road to OK-A Beh -

on the road to Ok-A Beh
on the road to Ok-A Beh

The Crow Reservation is in south-central Montana, bordered by Wyoming on the south with its northwestern boundary about 10 miles from Billings. These monuments commemorate the Indian victory over the Seventh Cavalry.
From the East comes the Morning Star to give us Wisdom and Light.
From the North comes the White Wind to give us strength and endurance
From the South comes the Summer to give us the power to grow.

sign - Four Winds Crow Culture
sign - meanings from the crow culture
canyon walls at Ok-a-beh
canyon walls at Ok-a-beh
sign about canyon walls at Ok-a-beh
Karen saw a boat in the water and noted how nice it would be to be in that boat cruising the waters.
wboat on bighorn lake
sign - Ok-A-beh
2,000 foot cliffs at OK-A-BEH
canyon walls at Ok-a-beh
2,000 foot cliffs at Ok-A-Beh
Yellowtail Dam rises 525 feet between the rugged walls of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, and spans 1,480 feet along its crest. This tall, variable-thickness, arch-type dam backs up the water of Bighorn Lake for 71 miles.
2,000 foot cliffs at Ok-A0Beh
swim area and boat ramp
Karen saw the swim area and boat dock (above) and the boats (below) so Lee asked if they rent boats and they said yes, so the two RV Gypsies rented a boat and spent a glorious day on the water in the land of "Montana's Best Kept Secret" Ok-a-Beh
Located in spectacular Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area OK-A-BEH Marina is a gateway to Montana's undiscovered playground. Boating amidst the geologic splendor of 2,00 foot cliffs. One of the best kept secrets in Montana ... Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area which is just southeast of Billings, Montana on the Bighorn Lake. Oh my is it beautiful! Continue on to be AMAZED!

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and some of the best scenery ever